Za Tharaka Nithi Hazijafika



They were allowing anybody, even non citizens, to cast a ballot. Rigging live, caught on camera. Halafu wanasema democracy? IEBC ya huko ni matope sana.

And yet these mzungus insist that we must use biometric voter machines to identify voters while back home anyone can walk in and vote. NB they sell the biometric machines to us for billions of ksh.

Hapa huwezi ona @Swansea, @Abba , @Simiyu22 , @Leproff ,@Guy004 ama @slevyn.

Tangu jana Camden county wamekwama at 88%. The votes have increased tremendously but the percentage is still at 88%.

Only 4 Democrat counties have finished counting … :D:D:D:D:D:D

The rest are still counting. Verifying. Every vote counts. :D:D:D:D:D


Yaani the dude admits he is an Irish citizen and he’s still allowed to vote? Wtf

US is a shithole country with shithole democracy.

The silver lining in this will be that election integrity laws will be strengthened across additional states after this incriminating video. They may win this battle, but this victory will cost them the war.

They imported voters from across the border so that they get to vote. We said it and people laughed. Now, thanks to project veritas, we are saying that:

  1. the democrat for the people act is dead, buried and rotting in peace.
  2. The filibuster in the senate has been entrenched even deeper.

tulisema kitambo demoncrats waliiba kura ndio Biden akashinda , this exactly shows it but as imesemwa these loopholes zinafungwa b4 next years senate and house reps polls . Obama na Biden ni wezi in Virginia walishindwa kuiba coz it was overwhelmimg

Trump 2024 tuko ngangari!!!

Now this is the kind of solid evidence you should produce at the supreme court. LMAO.

Can’t beat the masons

In this type of game no one wins.

The “masons” lost the presidency in 2016 and also lost Virginia this year

You used to be a “slow and steady lawsuits” kinda guy. What happened to you man? :smiley:

You guys are morons, every time a Democrat wins you say there was fraud, when a republican wins, no fraud, you must be retards.