Yvonne Nyar Asembo …









No of photos = Credit Pass
Quality of Lanyes = Fail
Kunyandua efidence = Fail
Performance in Test = Critical major Failure
Examiners Remark - You are a failure in life and a waster of resources.

A Sunday, and on your way to Siberia.?

Niaje digi?

@ Chiefguest :

You are not only IRRELEVANT , but your Opinions on Anything matter not one whit …

Anyway …
Moving On …



Is she s lanye?

We acknowledge the valuable resource AKA time used to put this post together however shit has already hit the fan for her.The glands aree now headed for 5:25 pm

Huyu Dem tulisema sura anafanana simpo boy na kuma yake inanuka samaki

Nyako ber sianda ber.

Siwezi mind kulipa 1k

Hata mimi.

No need to repeat myself about your jaded and jaundiced opinions …
You clearly don’t know the Lady , therefore in no position to comment on her smells , or lack thereof …

Moving On …



Go to her IG page and figure it out for yourself …
Its says Musician , Actress , Business Woman …

Hapo sawa