Yuletapeli "a question here , how do you worship, who do you worship tafasali explain"

if you study pan-afrikanism , you will know what to worship…this is because you will be forced to research history and realise our reality… it’s so straight forward , ata uliza Dr Umar Umar Johnson atakuambia…


…are foreign religions superior to africanism …?

Africans did not worship nature… africans revered nature as a manifestation of the creator… this is the knowledge that was copied to create your major religions…if you look at mzungu jesus , there is a reference to his egyptian origins …thats why jesus always has a sun or halo behind him…to point to his african origins…if you are christian , you actually worship horus indirectly… jesus is actually horus presented in a white muzungu body and ideology…

… nikiwaambia jesus was copied from horus , don’t argue , just google…

was Jesus born on the 25th ?

horus is reborn during the summer soltice starting around 21st december thats when the sun is at it’s highest point pale in it’s rotation …then on december 25th , you brainwashed bonobos celebrate jesus birth

the mother of horus anaitwa isis …with a sun disc on her head while breastfeeding horus…(BC)
the mother of jesus anaitwa mary…with a sun disc on her head “while breastfeeding” jesus…(AD)

[SIZE=6]negroe acha ushenzi wake up[/SIZE]




@TrumanCapote likes criticizing African traditional beliefs yet she never says anything when the Nchuuri Njeke go to pray in Mount Kenya.

@TrumanCapote ako wapi ajitetee , she is one brainwashed lady … @patco is also another ignorant brainwashed woman… wanawake bure kabisa

I am not responsible for the actions of Njuri Nceeke. I don’t worship mountains and other creation myself. I worship only the one true God Yahweh.

So you worship Saturn?

Saturn is a planet. I worship the One who created the galaxy, the milky way, heaven and earth. The One, the Only Adonai.


For you to be sure of what you perceive to worship,you need to understand Greek mythology.