Yule Tapeli Debanked

@Yuletapeli engage me in a long useless debate about how important looks are. I present Exhibit A to the contrary.

Exhibit A:

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Na kuna mtu niliambia hapa looks dont matter if you have two things. Money and social status. Ona sasa a very good example


The above is a case of “prostitution”, he needed to have money to have her…

That woman is not even beautiful…ask @rexxsimba, that woman is unhealthy buana.


In europe being slim is the standard. Africa ni matako kubwa is the standard


In that same thread I said, yes, you can use money to get women, but if that is the case, uwache malovey-dovey kabisaaa. If this Khaby is completely honest with himself, he definitely wasn’t getting such women when he was a construction worker. She is with him for his money and he needs to treat the relationship as a business agreement, like how Arabs and Indians do it. That hoe doesn’t love him like that, and if he realizes this, he will be fine. Where he can blunder is if he is being overly romantic with such a kunguru. Wining and dining her, buying her gifts, taking her on trips etc. Mpatie tu allowance yake and make sure she is fulfilling her part of whatever bargain you have agreed on.


No she’s not. He has status, and status is attractive to women, not looks. Women don’t have to date poor dusties to prove it’s true love. She could get other rich men, which makes your point moot.


It’s not prostitution. Women find status attractive. She is not prostituting. There’s no shortage of rich men she could date purely for looks, and she’s not poor. She has enough money beyond basic needs, so Khaby is not fulfilling any of her basic needs by dating her

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So erase his career, but keep his money. Would the situation be different?

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It’s legal prostitution. That woman wouldn’t date him without the money. He elevates her status, she gives him the p*****.
Every man pays.

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I agree with @Yuletapeli hata kama mimi humuita hypocrite sometimes. In this case he is right. This is clearly a customer-prostitute arrangement, they just haven’t formalized it yet.

Looks matter most because they can get you laid constantly even when you are broke like a church mouse with zero clout. Also, looks can get you out of your broke position if you know how to leverage them well. There are a lot of thirsty working class women to be finessed in this city.

Looks can get you the money, but money won’t get you the looks or the genuine desire if you are ugly anyways. Obviously its better to have money than looks. But for the purposes of dating, its better to have looks than money.

A really handsome guy has better sexual experiences than a fat old and ugly billionaire. So, while we all know that money is more important than looks in life, looks outrank money in dating.

If you are rich but ugly, you will get quantity but no quality sex. You will sleep with many hot women but the experience will always feel transactional and you will know it. A handsome guy has both quantity and quality sex.


@Mikymas understand this a cute guy is the one who says when I was young and broke I got bitches… when I was earning peanuts I got bitches… when I got the money and lifestyle I still got bitches

That guy up kitambo akiwa hajulikani and struggling huyo model hangemuangalia twice now he’s got the money,fame and influence that is what’s getting her

It’s not genuine she’s there for the benefits…deep down the guy knows if ningekukatia kitambo when I was a nobody hungenikubali … it’s who I am now that you are attracted to

Back then a cute guy living in a bedsitter na the guy above living in the same bedsitter…who do you think the model angepick? Therein lies your answer.

She’s not there for his money. She already has money. As I have already said, facial features are not attractive to women, status is what they’re attracted to.

She would not have date him if he looked like brad pitt and had no status. It’s your inability to believe that women don’t want statusless men that’s holding you back.

No woman will date a kamagera without status for a long term relationship. Even those so called bad boys succeed because they fake status. No man has ever gotten plastic surgery to get more eomen

All sex is transactional. There is no woman who will sleep with you because you’re a breathing body with an engorged penis.

You have to provide something, or pretend you can offer something.

If that were true, sending dick pics would be a really successful way to get sex.

In reverse, if a woman with a healthy body picks a man at random and sends him her pussy and boob photos, he’ll probably sleep with her

You’re confusing how men respond to females, and applying the same logic to women.

On social media, you’ll find women commenting yummy on photos of celebrities with rock hard abs.

Those same women pass near construction sites every morning filled with muscular workers yet they get disgusted if any of those dusty labourers even look at them.


You have to understand women don’t downgrade …she has money yes but si kama ya the guy
Hajafikia status na influence ya the guy she’s an unknown model who has seen an opportunity of getting world known by dating a celebrity

The guy is getting to fuck a hot model because of his status… she’s expanding her influence if they break up the bitch ataendea some Nigerian singer amepanda ngazi sasa

In fact wanatumiana na the model is benefitting more now more eyes are on her … modelling gigs and rappers willing to fly her out

She’s a known model with money and active contracts. His status is the main thing that she snd millions of women find attractive


But at what cost…hupati genuine desire
Haja gani ukuwe na mtu who avoids kissing you coz your lips are mismatched ama ukiongea unatupia watu mate


She would not pick any of them. The fantasy that women will swoon over you when you’re broke and statusless is a myth that never works anywhere in real life.

Otherwise there are more broke, statusless men than there are rich handsome men and women.

By the laws of random chance, we should be having a lot of dusty broke men pairing up with rich horny women who are dieing to sleep with a body that has an engorged pinus because it’s attached to a handsome head

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That is genuine desire. Women are not children, they’re not attracted to whatever the definition of cute that season is. They’re attracted to your status in a given setting. She’s genuinely attracted to everything he’s accomplished and that is who he is. His succeess does not exist outside of his person

He is his succeess and his succeess is attractive to women so they’re attracted to him


In campus we fucked rich kids wa Karen na muthaiga effortlessly so how about that?

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Well am assuming you were in a special click of women fuckers. You dressed well, and talked the lingo of a successful broke campus lad.

Not everyone was fucking those karen girls. You had to fake things. Am sure you were not going around introducing yourself as the son of a broke farmer who digs your school fees and upkeep out of the ground like a mole.

Those villagers who could not gake it and stuck to their “ushamba” were not getting pussy like you.

You were faking success and status and peacocking to those girls.

If it was really about your looks. If those girls are rich today and life beat you a hard one and now you skuma a mkokoteni, would they still fuck you?

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