Yule beshte wa clea amekula copper pia

Kudos to akina @pamba walipatikana pale migingo kayole
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their names?

Kazi iendelee

wueh…“beautiful and dangerous”…

Lead is good for gangsters’ health.

Jeso, msako mpaka kitandani

Just what is exactly wrong with these kids.

Sasa wamefika CBD.

It’s as if they just want to die, seriously!

I think we need another approach. Shooting them is not working.

Looks like a blissful, dreamless sleep! Almost peaceful.

what do you suggest?

such a waste…hiyo df material ningefuga kama third wife

Really, no other approach, shoot 'em up!! Even it means a million has to be killed for 39million to be safe

Jina ya dame ni Marsha Minaj

Uko na shida ya macho:eek:

A multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary approach. Bringing in all stakeholders and focusing on the core competencies of facilitating agencies and the available opportunities for the youth. Leveraging on the possibilities offered by a growing economy, ICT and globalisation as well the transformational agenda of the in-coming Nasa gavament.

Ferk, ok, shoot them!

Ile ufala nimeona on facebook ni, when it’s men being shot, watu wanarejoice ati ‘hessy, kazi iendelee’…when its a female, ati oh, now this is becoming too much… o_Oo_O:rolleyes:

live by the gun… die by the bullets

nimekapata ni katoi sana



This is pure hog wash, what the dp called kizungu mingi na kucat walk. They should go to school and struggle like the rest of us

Wakiwa na clea hapo sasa wote ni chakula cha mchwa

he he he … @D… Mungai should hire you as a consultant to create those documents they use to obfuscate and bamboozle (ok, i am deliberately being verbose and redundant!) donors so that they release their purse strings…:D:D:D