YouTube videos

So utube is making it almost impossible to download anything from them, it’s been a while since I touched a computer and I just found all my downloader adons aren’t working, they have completely removed 720p videos so how are u doing it nowerdays

Nyapdragon ndo niko kwa matatu wacha nkifika kwa wifi ya “muhindi” then I will get to deny or confirm your “allegations”
Otherwise niaje omwami…umecheza chini saidi


Install termux
pkg install python
pip install YouTube-dl
Download your videos

mimi nimezoea kutumia simu snaptube from 144p all the way to 8K

Have you tried the Firefox Youtube downloader addon?

IDM is just working fine or www.ssyoutube

Sande sana

Use save from net add on


got a variety of formats to choose from


Jatelo Sande sana, nlikua nasema sikuelewi but I want to download videos too. Use lay man language juu mimi profession yangu ni PSV reliever sande tena

Sasawa mtu ya 2NK tumekuskia

kama hauogopi terminal

tafuta IDM - windows PC
snaptube - android
usicomplicate maisha ya bure:D:D

Sijaona kama youtube wametoa 720p videos mimi.
I guess it’s your problem only.

Idm works just fine.
Additionally install helper. It’s an extension - very useful.

idm upto 4k download… Ni wewe tu

thank you, what about Videos from celebrity feeds? zile hukataa kudownload hadi na IDM

Touché. Sometimes I feel like some solutions are given just to show how knowledgeable one is.

leta link ya moja nijaribu… juu mi sijaiona

i wanted to say this but naogopa dictatorship hua huku naeza pewa ban:D:D:D

Eeh naelewa yule wa mafeelings anaogopwa saidi sijui mbona