YouTube Video DJ

Hello guys, I want to start this, how viable is it,is there an app better than virtual for the same?

Admean umeenda overdrive sasa

Si admin wewe shenzi

If you are an entertainer a youtube channel is basically a requirement…

A NV job is to keep their mouth open to suck some dícks.

Do you know a better app than virtual DJ,and how I will get paid as per the videos I upload (likes, subscriptions,views…?)

Wow nice trial…you can come and @Sakmadic

You will not afford License man

Wapi mbisha

Kindly elaborate

Fikisha 1k sub na 10k watch hrs lakin would be better ukianza na kina Fb na insta alafu eka mpesa na akina cashapp na ukulie donation ukibuiild audience but kuna watu wengi sana hii field

In that case jua kwamba your work will certainly be served with copyright violations and seriously jeopardise your continued stay on YouTube.

Very good advice hapo juu. All the local guys making good cheddar on youtube started out in fb, then they migrated with their fans to youtube. Eric omondi, mpesa lady, njugush, etc etc.

Mimi ni DJ mzito sana pale Mixcloud

Leta link

How did you start, what do you use, earnings?

Upunguze mihadarati ghasia. Leo huja rauka Kwa Vishnu.