Youtube has been blocked by our company. Any alternatives ?

Youtube has been blocked by our company.
Any alternatives ?

Wait untill you reach home. Fanya kazi kwanza

wewe na Chebukati hakuna tofauti…

employment is slavery

Mjinga kafanye kazi kwanza.

fanya kazi mijinga ii

Use a proxy youtube server

install VPN

Bonobo…Slightly above 70 IQ points… @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! Atakusaidia; Lkni atatomba matako yako chafu

Tumia simu yako na bundles because it seems you want to access YouTube so bad

YouTube nikitu ya kulia. Meffi wewe

No Wonder this site is dead on weekends:D

Enyewe, self employment (with all it’s heartbreaks sometimes), is golden.:D:D

Use your phone to hotspot

Kina @Nipe Nikusifu hua wananyonga na izi hapa the whole weekend, then Monday complain of Hangovers

@Chief Chef Kama unatumia windows 10… Go to the toolbar and click on the Wi-Fi ama Ethernet icon…alafu click on Network & internet Settings, kwa status click on change adapter options, right click kwa the available network you are currently using, Properties, click tcp/IPv4, then use the following DNS server addresses…place ya kwanza eka ya pili wacha hivo alafu try kuweka youtube ikilenga try kurestart system alafu jaribu youtube tena.

Dude, assume that your employer can see everything that you do while connected to the company network. If you persist with this path that you are taking, HR will send a letter to you (will attached audit logs from IT). Use your personal device and personal internet during breaks and after work (not during work hours).

Guy is risking his job. Haikosi ni the same gaseer i will be standing in front of him and instead of serving me anakaa ni kama namsumbua coz hes staring at the screen.

Replace any YouTube link with the word youpak and you will find the video mirrored there

Work !