Youtube CEO wins "Freedom of Expression" award.

[SIZE=5]Yes Esmahan that is exactly what they are doing.



FYI her father escaped Poland due to the invasion by Stalin and lack of freedom of expression.:rolleyes:

People of dissenting opinion would be stopped or “cancelled” from expressing themselves.

Youtubes is a great platform

Till you get flagged by the youtube bots severally.

The ceremony was sponsored by …Youtube

Mdau bado hujaelewa. She booted out Trump and MAGA supporters and now she is mocking them.

Wachana na @hakimoto , he is a Biden supporter.

But they banned trump and supporters and banned their videos. His is that upholding freedom if expression?

Wanatupea ndole live live. “Mbwa nyinyi mtado?”

But that is the folly of power it fools you. What YouTube , FB, Twitter don’t understand is that they are in fact hurting themselves. Politicians worldwide are now scheming how to take away that power from social media. In the next few years these social media giants will be hit with new govt policies, taxes and fines.

Venye walifanyia Trump sio poa.

I agree. Waliona what they did to Trump so they will definitely keep the social media giants in check.

Focus on The Collapse

Many youtubers wanalia vile reviewers are banning their videos. Hakuna freedom of expression unless wewe ni far-left american liberal full of gender pronouns.