Youtube Ad blocker on Tv

Is it possible to have an adblocker on a tv. The ads on YouTube are annoying.
Or is there an alternative way to go about it?

Following …

I am on YouTube vanced on my phone (android).
I link my my vanced app with the TV YouTube app, and use the vanced as a remote, I don’t get the adds anymore.

Tumia YouTube vanced

You can’t, I tried everything and gave up, so I stream direct from phone/pc with adblock. They are pushing YouTube premium

Leteni mbeca ni waekee pi hole kwa router.

For those tech savvy to do it…

The technical way is through Raspberry Pi, or Kodi add-ons or a rooted Firestick + Adaway. If that sounds like Greek to you, just buy YouTube Premium

Fort android use Youtube Vanced
for android tv use SmartTubeNext-This one has more features for geeks
its the best apps you can find and forget about adds