Youths scrambling, dying for relief food in kibera while their land in Nyanza is unutilised

Hii covid 19 is teaching me many lessons. I wish I were 20 yrs old now…
Most of ppl in kibera who were scrambling and killing others for food have ancestral land in Nyanza which is unutilised. Raila has been using them for far too long, it’s time they change their mindset. He imported them to the city and has been using them as stone throwers every electioneering year.[ATTACH=full]296588[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]296589[/ATTACH]

How is that land underutilized when there’s paddy on it

This country is not as fertile and water rich as you imagine. It is also not as empty as you are suggesting with your cherry picked photo

Rudi nyumbani ukakuwe fisherman kuliko kuwa watchi umaasaini mbwa hii

True, most land especially in siaya is underutilized. I was shocked when i visited the place some years back.

Nyanza and Western people have what you may call a poverty mindset. All the youths after finishing school run to major towns. They don’t like practising farming despite the fact that most of their land is virgin and fertile.

Jaluo, jinga, jeuri…
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True went to Siaya , pale lake kanyaboli with some ngo that was fighting the American company that was growing rice there can’t recall the name, the company was the only employer in the area but they were being hit from so many fronts they just folded and left , I remember baba’s sister arm twisted them for tenders which she did not deliver and their was nothing much they could do !

The good people of Luo Nyanza, are to a large extent proponent of not yet uhuru, and also believe agriculture should be mechanized, and not hoe based. Jaramogi asked for tractors on their behalf, i’m not sure if there are still waiting for them to be delivered, i’ll leave that for folks from there.

I resided in molo in the 90’s and 2000’s. Most small scale farmers were into potatoes, and the markets were in Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu , where sukuma wiki , cabbages, carrots and other vegetables were supplied.
@Jimit, do you see anything wrong with that, keeping in mind , you guys are blessed with one of the largest fresh water reservoir in the world ?

One day when the full story of Odingaism is properly written, it will be how one man encouraged en masse rural urban migration for his people to live in subhuman conditions in slums as long as they delivered a crucial voting block to further his political ambitions.

Lakini kwa kusema ukweli Nyanza should be the bread basket of East Africa. There is just so much fallow land and water.

This includes Luhya land areas, Kisii, na huko kwa Turkana. There are areas in Kisii, I have no idea how the greedy white man never visited Kisii. Limuru haiwezi fikia side za Kisii in terms of Agricultural potential. Kenya should be a food exporting nation. Na saa hio sijaingia Mt. Elgon.

Give Kenya to the Jews or to the Dutch and then come back after 5 years and repeat that statement.

If you visited Red hill Limuru a few decades ago right before the last wazungu left ndio ungejua what is capable if a nation gets their mind right. Lakini leo… tea farms gone!

In the 1950s and 60s there are parts of Kenya that looked better than the farmlands in England.

What baffles me are how things change once you enter UG. It’s the same region, but the other side seems to be very productive. Why is it so ? Ja’Luo in the house, kazi kwenyu.

Happens everywhere.
An investor opens a joint, has capacity to employ like 50% locals (of course lazima uingize watu wenu pia plus a few professionals in the sensitive areas like Accounts). But you’ll still see locals demonstrate still ‘watu wetu hawapewi kazi’.
In my area, Intex construction walipata shida Sana when they began operations.
Ilibidi GSU waje. Locals don’t have papers, lakini utaskia ng’ombe iko na DL ya 3yrs ikidai kazi ya tipper.

i would rather die than give my country to foreigners and I don’t give a shit what England looked like or looks like

these Jews and Dutch you are willing to give Kenya to are dumb mfs with no vision whatsoever, didn’t they lose South Africa?

Kenyans are dumb, I have said that many times but don’t assume that means I worship white ass like you and @Ndindu do

Kisii town is also known as bosongo (the place where the white man settled)

But to ur point shida ni kukatakata shamba. Kila mtu anataka kupanda mahindi kwa half acre yake. That can’t be an effective use of land to produce food.

Luo nyanza has lots of arable, idle land. This does not mean that the populace there lazy, its most likely that the only productive thing you can do with that land is subsistence farming, since the infarastructure and resources for doing commercial farming are non existent.
Why begrudge a luo man who goes to the city to find gainful employment that can lift him out of poverty, N.B. Subsistence farming is a no grow occupation, a dead end.
This same rural urban migration is replicated in greater measure by Kiuks and Kisii’s. Does that mean that uthamaki sponsors and encourages it? Definitely not.

Luos have never been known for farming that much.

Then there are issues that make it hard for Jaluoz who are rich in Nairobi, going back to develop home area.

very true, nyanza and western I think they’re the only provinces fully covered in greenery, fertile soils and no arid areas or dry areas