youth Enterprise funds

Anyone between 18-34 and has a business or is interested in doing business,go to ecitizen, click attorney general, business application, name search then search the business name you want, pay 150 online, then after approval pay 800 online and then print your business certificate in about 2 days.

After that open an account with that name, get a business location, license and after 6 months apply for Youth Enterprises Fund. Make sure you deposit and withdraw cash frequently so that when asked for your bank statements you will be automatically qualified. If you are a lady beyond 34 yrs. Just do the same and apply for Women Enterprise Fund.

The two entities funds LPOs too. Please send this to as many Youth and women as you can. For welfares and chamas, women must be at the leadership, then 70% must be women, 30% men that way you can get loans with WEF, women Enterprise Fund. Some people don’t get these funds due to lack of information.


Aha. I thought you have to be in a group to get these loans


Wale peasants above 34,hawana lao ??:smiley:

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not really

Explain bana. What does not really mean. Do you need to be in a group? I am in a Limited Liability company and 100% woman owned, can I qualify?

yes you can. I hear max is at 2mirrion. They’ll need a security. Interest is at 8%.

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bookmarked for later… You never know when you will need this info…


uko na miaka ngapi mama??

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Applied for this a month ago. Still waiting for my approval. Nervous AF.

Plan to make full use of this for the next 10 years


[ATTACH]101827[/ATTACH] Whenever this shit is brought in convos i get a heart attack that I won’t qualify
If you have been in and out of the country in the last 4yrs (and you have dual citizenship) lets say half of the 4 was abroad does it affect it in any way.Waone ni kama na saka doh ni hepe.
Ile siku text itaingia my guy.[ATTACH]101828[/ATTACH] The shit am about to pull.GAME CHANGER!!!

A lady never tells her age unless she needs to show off to her fellow women about how much she has accomplished in relation to how young she is

this system of dishing away taxes ati to women & youth is BS. Watu wafanye kazi wapate capital, because youthfund is just a way to advance corruption.

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Nice one. Hio story ya group ilikua haileti show. Handling borrowed money in a group or more than 5 people haiwes.

For ladies age does not matter.

thanks for this useful post.



Opportunities right there