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Saw this on twitter, ungeleta mpaka hizo comments, it was fire

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I agree with that research

Actually, what is religion? First of all to find out what is religion we must negate what it is not. What it is not; then it is.
It’s like seeing what is not love. Love is not hate, love is not jealousy, love is not ambition, love is not violence. When you negate all that, the other is, which is compassion. In the same way if you negate what is not religion then you find out what is true religion; that is, what is the truly religious mind.
Belief is not religion, and the authority which the churches, the organized religions assume, is not religion. In that there is all the sense of obedience, conformity, acceptance, the hierarchical approach to life. The division between the Protestant, the Catholic, the Hindu, the Moslem, that’s not religion. When you negate all that, which means you are no longer a Hindu, no longer a Catholic, no longer belonging to any sectarian outlook, then your mind questions, asks what is true religion?
This is free from their ritual, without their masters, without their Saviour; all that is not religion. When the mind discards that, intelligently, because it has seen that it’s not religion, then it can ask what is religion.
Religion is not what I think, but religion is the sense of comprehension of the totality of existence, in which there is no division between you and me. Then if there is that quality of goodness which is virtue, real virtue not the phony virtue of society, but real virtue, then the mind can go beyond and find out, through meditation, through a deep, quiet silence, if there is such a thing as reality.
Therefore a religious mind is a mind that is constantly aware, sensitive, attentive, so that it goes beyond itself into a dimension where there is no time at all. - J.Krishnamurti

what krishna explains there sounds more of spirituality than religion,religion is more of a particular system of faith/designated behaviours. there can be no opportunity for spiritual growth when subscribed to a set of dogmas,any form of dogma seeks to control/limit thus one cannot possibly know all what is through religion,main reason being one is already expected to think,act and submit in a given way and never to question anything.

thats the reason politics and religion is intertwined

Beware of those who mislead others

Ukisema ukweli unaitwa the false prophet