Your stomach is your only agemate.

@Sambamba hebu vaa leso kiasi u-intercept a few emails tujue kama huyu atapata kakitu kwa WSR :D:D:D:D:D:D:D. He has been licking WSR hard of late


Loyalty i rewarded in installments, disloyalty is punished immediately. Balala is loyal

Hiyo ndio shida ingine. Instead fresh graduates wakuwe considered it is always the same old recycled politician. Kama the former Kisii governor sasa SMH


There’s no licking. Kwani mtu hawezi sema what he thinks without being accused of licking?

Kufanya kazi kwa serikal ni tamu bana.

Balala was not part of KK government when they were in the trenches looking for votes. Now that they are in the clear, he wants part of the meat that was hunted. Things don’t work that way. Even in the so called “developed” countries

A man looking for job can say anything , he should retire to ukunda with sour meat @Nipe Nikusifu amumunye pole pole the the fag he is .

How is a fresh graduate run a national ministry little bro? Do you guys pause to think kweli

Sio literally na wewe. Fresh minds fresh faces

Good question.