Your side hustles will take a financial hit: Economy is failing

Nope it’s not business as usual. Manufacturers are not moving products, are falling into debt. The first thing that usually takes a hit is side hustles. People will not continue to spend as much. In fact if you are not in food products, or basic necessities, brace for a tough times ahead. If you are in Banking, construction, insurance,… layoffs and slow pay will be the order of the day.

Nobody is safe.

And the sad thing, there are no solid ideas being floated about rescuing the country, most importantly in the long term. You graduate with a engineering degree today unaenda straight kuuza Mitumba. There’s no new manufacturing happening in Kenya, where will a engineer work. Medicine degree hakuna job. You will be called here and there kusaidia saidia on credit.

Safaricom engineers are not retiring . So where will new graduates go? There’s no new Safaricom in the horizon.

Governors Sakaja, Wamatangi, Shariff Nasir, Jonathan Bii… All useless. Their ideas of development involves hiring relatives to their county. Instead of enhancing business community, like removing hurdles to trade eg scrapping all trade licenses to one, buying large tracts of land for manufacturing shops to set up, setting up new cash crops and unions within their counties, setting up 100% energy and water supplies……

This week:
-Manufacturing are in ksh 133b loan defaults and accruing daily.
-Dollar has reached 160
-Salary delays in several counties
-Layoffs in government have started eg Nairobi county and Uasin Gishu will let go all contract doctors


Bad economy pushes hustlers to new territories…

Tenderprenures are not suffering though.


That’s why its essential to hustle in recession-proof industries. That means discount everything.

When the economy takes a hit, the people who feel the largest impact are usually sellers of luxuries and non-essential items. Expensive electronics, high end vehicles, fine dining, high end hotels, and even high end apartments.

Even landlords feel the heat from rent defaults and late payments. In extreme cases people prefer buying beer from cheap shops instead of clubs to save cash. They may even consider drinking less expensive liquor. Utapata mtu wa Macallan (single malt) akikunywa Grants (blended).

Siku hizi any side hustle I intend to take seriously must be recession-proof, AI-proof, and Amazon-proof. I call it the survival trilemma.


I know a guy who started a maize milling plant. He’s making millions. Ugali lazima watu wakule.


I saw a glimpse of what a major recession looks like during covid lockdowns. Before then I thought rentals were the holy grail only to see massive rent defaults and late payments everywhere.

The truth is that the best way to prepare for a recession is to be very liquid. That’s the only way to survive and even benefit from a recession (buying heavily discounted property).

If you have money when everyone else doesn’t you have massive buying power and you can lowball the unprepared. Bonus points if you are hedged against the dollar i.e half Ksh half USD.


yeah we have been hearing these damn prophesies and theories since 2010. we will survive and keep on surviving. fuck you nigga for posting this crap.


Umesahau sisi watu wa mafuta tuko na pesa kaa shiet


Pull up the manufacturing default rate in 2010 vs today. Or vacancy rates of commercial buildings. Wewe are part of “I am safe” group.

I really enjoy how you point out facts… And I mean it… You Spit Actual Facts and that’s Commendable.


Kama ni pande za Western uyo namjua. Ame inspire another friend anafungua yake ukambani. Soon itakuwa kwa shelves za macha tu makueni

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It is such characters that are detrimental to the mental state of our society… Tofauti Yako na Chura ni Makaazi Tu.

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Haiombwangi hivyo


Not true at all. Wealthy individuals are doing very, very well. It’s the middle class and below who are suffering. The gap is growing wider; it’s no longer a gap but a crater. Sellers of luxury goods are thriving. High end hotels are fully booked. You must appreciate that this is a tale of two very different economies. A K-shaped recovery of the post-pandemic era.

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The problem starts and ends with William Ruto. His economists say we are dealing with a debt problem. Here is what William Ruto said about debt, when Kenya accumulated expensive loans:

“We are borrowing with discipline, a plan and are focused on what we want to spend the money on,”

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Cc @Agwambo .Saidia hii kisii awache kufikiria mimi ni wewe

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It can be frustrating to constantly hear about doom and gloom predictions. But you know what? We’ve weathered plenty of storms before, and we’ll keep on surviving. So, to anyone spreading negativity, well, they can take their crap elsewhere. We’re here to hustle, thrive, and prove them wrong.

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