Your Naomi will look and feel completely different - MIUI 13


Proudly owner of naomi redmi 9s. This thing is a beast. Sihami kwa naomi. Next phone naomi mi11.

I am thinking about going back to Naomi. But it will be my all time crush - the beautiful Mi Mix 2s.

I’m thinking of upgrading from iPhone 13 pro to Xiaomi. What’s your advice?

At least wait until you get your hands on that iPhone then ask for our advice. By the way uliweza kuaffors poosy?

Ati Naomi? Sisi watu wa Sammy tumechapata One UI 4.0 android 12 beta na hatusumbui

Chukua mi11 ultra. Hapa iphone imefinywa 2-0.

Samsung unalipia jina tu. Hakuna value for your money.

Lanes, mkubwa! Mi 11 Ultra is the only truly ‘big’ Xiaomi phone that can compete with big phones. Haki ya Mungu Mi 11 Ultra is a beast.

Lakini hio bei sifiki hata in my wildest of dreams!!!

Mediatek hoiyeeeeee

Nasikia Samsung is discontinuing the Galaxy Note. Nitapata pa kukaa kwa Shaomi when time comes?

Xiaomi, on their part, are dropping the Mi insignia. It is a little bit different, but a change nonetheless.

Mimi nilifungiwa nje bana time to upgrade to Poco

As soon as my a70’s wheels fall off am jumping on the Poco F3, it packs a lot of power and value for what it costs


simo 153k


It already fell. We are not getting OneUI4.0 na Android 12

Honestly A70 was way ahead of its time.