Your Information Is Not Safe Here.

I know you dislike me but first listen.

When you post your personal information here you think it is safe? The Answer is no.

A few days ago I put a picture of a woman i found in internet as my avatar.

@Mundu Mulosi asked me to remove it and I refused.

Right now I come back and the picture is no longer my avatar.

I did not remove it. Who did? [SIZE=4]Admin. [/SIZE]

If admin can remove avatar then[SIZE=6] Admin can access the profiles and their inbox messages too.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Admin can read Inboxes.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]This website is run using [/SIZE][SIZE=6]XENFORO [/SIZE][SIZE=5]and according to their moderators in forums, an Administrator can read Private conversations between members.

Here is the link and screenshot:

Summary: Admin can read your inboxes.

kindly tell us something that we don’t already know

And why does this surprise you? It’s a forum and stores messages in a database without encrypting it. Even if the software does not provide for a way to read PMs, he can query the DB for the same info. It’s no big deal.

Did you know that babies can get erections while still in the womb?

Sasa unataka aje?

You must have given your mother an orgasm then, given the size of your dick

Wacha tukule ngoma kwanza…

This is a very good and creative insult, Keep it up!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

oh shit! I thought admin was a blend word for add and minus. turns out it denotes a person who has full control of the forum?
what is this sorcery? !

That music has made my penis stand up.

sasa tukusadie aje ?

You people realize he can use that information to screw you over and even mess with your personal life?

The hekayas people post here are so full of detail and i am sure the iinformation in inboxes is damning.

But you people hate me so much you do not want to see this

Who hates you really?

I hate him…

Masweep tu.

Him and others.

@Swidfil Makanje

Hapana tumia mbicha ya bibi ya mtu kama avatar…

ile upercut @introvert alikupatia angenipatia mimi ningehama

n who told you to blow your handle …that’s now remains your burial as far as am concern