Your Honor.

Another sensational series starring Bryan Cranston (Aka Walter White in the hit series Breaking bad).
This time he acts as a judge whose only teenage son kills a mafia boss’ son in a hit and run.
The things has has to in order to protect his son from the mob leads to a chain of events that keeps you glued to your seat yearning for more.
It’s only in season 1 but can’t wait for season 2 Wadau.
Oh, and it’s available on Showtime which is brought to you by Showmax.

Apana tambua Netflix.

Watched this tv show without a blink of the eye. Constantly waiting for season 2.

Please note that not all Netflix shows are geys n shit, just the ones produced by netflix

ghassia kwani unaishi kwa shimo hii series tuli watch 2020

grow up bana. 65 and still talking about series?

na bado unakuwanga na time ya kudinyana all over?

what, do you have like a 48 hour day?

It’s recommended for 16 and over.

Sisi wakustream tumekaa kitako

Jisas,which side of whose bed did you wake up on? You make series sound like kiddie shows made for tit sucking toddlers. Wacha za ovyo,hata tukigonga miaka mia bado series tutaona…except the ones meant for tit sucking toddlers, ofcourse

Nimalisie hiyo ghaseer priss

Navy seals tuko trained kuwa na 48 hr days