Your future wives at club Edge..

Season imeisha Zah ametoka US na dollars kukamata Kenyan hoes.

Kinyos ligi yako ni shapeless na vitambi[ATTACH=full]441038[/ATTACH]

Wote wanakaa kunuka shida. Furk, watu hukula vitu mbaya…vomit.

This is one of the things I find interesting about Kenyans or Africans.The hypocrisy and fake conservatives.We have men and women who are promiscuous.People who cheat on their wives and husbands.People who fuck anything that moves and spend a good chunk of their money on lanyes, talking about morality and condemning others.I might not be a fan of western countries,but I love their honesty and lack of hypocrisy.They legalize everything from homosexuality to prostitution.They don’t carry the fake moralists cards.Look at the people doing the condemning right now,they are always the ones who are in the forefront asking ‘nani amekula hii’ or asking for lanyes numbers.

Buda zile DNA results ulikuwa unategea 24th May zilitokea aje?

Ooh… zilitoka. It was verified I am the dad

How’s your relationship with the mother now?

A draining one. I was actually doing it hoping that i’m not the one ndio nijiondoe roho safi. Now that she confirmed that i’m the dad ameanza kuwa na kiburi iko on steroids. Good thing is that we are not legally married. I’m still weighing my options but taking full custody is not one of them. My schedule can not allow

Hata hii natomba hadi utambi irudi kwa hio matako inakaa ka box ya teefee. Umetoa wapi hii picha jambazi? Ama ni fap matirio yako iko kwa saved photos? I dont even know what to gugu if i was looking for such,hope umedelete:D

namba one ni mtu ako na mboro boss

Hii inakubalika ata kama milage ni 999,999 uongeze kamoja ifike 1,000,000

Ni kama hujui hizo Western countries mzuri wewe. In terms of a more realistic life, Africa is far superior

Mmoja wa Bavon namcheki