Your Ferkin Horoscope

Aries. – Selfish Prick
Taurus. – Stubborn Asshole
Gemini. – Annoying Attention-whore.
Cancer. – Moody jerk
leo. - Egocentric Douchebag
Virgo. - Neurotic Bitch
Libra. - Flaky Derelict
Scorpio. - Obsessive Twat
Saggitarius - Awkward Fucktard
Carpricon. - Greedy Emo
Aquarius. - Perverted psychopath
Pieces. - Whiny Bimbo

The same description for every sign…only that the wording is different.
Points to a ferkwd world!

It is very hard for you to understand.
Is wakanda your home?

From.a big to a bigger

As if as an African you don’t have enough superstitions to start believing in imported nonsense.