Your Fav Good hope mama is a Gospel Singer

Wale wa Good Hope back in the day,support huyu upcoming Gospel Singer… wanjiru Stella on YouTube…[ATTACH=full]390387[/ATTACH]

Ciru, clean and clitoris loaded , fucked her one whole night in 2018 and she loves being fingured.

When some people say they are saved I believe it. You meet some 17 year old preaching to you and you wonder what they have been saved from?

I used to see her kitambo @ Kericho East pia…kumbe she saw the light…

Hehe si bado anauza goodhope ama ndio amechange juzi?..true one of the only clean momos in the industry

wekeni thighs zake tukumbuke

Ako Good Hope, sometimes life is mean, the bitch is beautiful and good hearted,in 2018 she told me her kid was joining a national school and she will give it all for her future depends on that kid.

Are you guys for real ama ni ku troll:D

Wacha nikaone video zake huko YouTube

She looks so familiar!! sikumbuki exactly where i saw her but Im sure ni izo streets. Kuna beta male itafuga hii

Do you mean Kanguthu?

U can’t find her songs on YouTube

Huyu nimemuona juzi goodhope