Your Education Is A Butt Wipe, If You Make It So!

That is why Prof Magoha licks ass, and US scientists are acting timid as Mr Trump thrives unhinged in fields he has zero expertise on. I would resign if a nitwit contradicted me, but Dr. Fauci is still believing “Trump is a passing cloud”. A nuisance like Trump never leaves in a hurry. Biden has no stamina!

Trump will not be reelected. He is a passing cloud and people will move on from him like a bad dream or a bad ex.

For many people, the education system seems to lead to only one path where you’ll be licking someone’s ass no matter how much you rise up the ranks. Very few follow their real path of self discovery and growing their passions.

You are dreaming young man. Trump will wipe the US election floor with Biden’s ass


Let us agree to disagree.

As long as wajamaa wanakuja na story za wanaume kulambana rasa hawata ingia. Sijui hiyo agenda hutokea wapi na dems.