Your dirty secrets are known by someone

I have seen confessions here of men sleeping with sisters in law, cousins, their mboches, church choir members and you think nobody knows about it.???
I was chewing some chic in our church group sometime back and i thought it was so discrete coz when we met for revival sessions we acted like we dont even know each other.

Last year i tried to screw another chic from the same group after many yrs of not seeing each other… i was met by news that almost made my mjolobeng retire, “By the way we all knew you were fucking ****, it was the talk of the group when you 2 were absent”

Please be careful as you enjoy the forbidden fruit as sweet as it is…if nobody has found out, someone will.

why cant they too keep their mjolobeng at work

“Matters of the sheets can never be kept secret” - mhenga @M-Pesa 2018


Vitu nimesoma hapo. Noma sana.

Nini huwa mbaya na madame wa praise & worship? Wale najua wanapenda kutiwa sana

Very true!!!

In short unaniambia ule dame wa praise and worship niliona leo in a white dress ni easy target?


wewe leta pics

Wah…you think you have shitty stuff locked up inside until you read what others have in their closets.

Majamaa wa choir ni mafisi kuruka.

once read someone mjubleng had successfully pumped 7 choirmembers of the same choir dna postive

Omwami mimi nimedecide from next month naanza kwenda church. Kuna church flani iko along thika road (undisclosed location) nimepita hapo two sundays and i have noticed at least half the population ni beautiful ladies. Kama uko karibu nishow nikutag uwe Wing man.

There are no secrets between two people unless one of them is dead.

i wank to tranny porn

i will name my first born son after you if you disclose the location and name

wife ya pastor alikuwa anafanyiwa kahua-ini na beste yangu. na kuna msemo, muthicirwo kahua-ini dagaga mbuuni itina.Halafu siku hii ingine diye anaongoza ibada kwa kanisa.

SV its is somewhere before ufike ruiru, past bypass a place called Kihunguro ukicross zebra crossing church yenye iko hapo

All is fair in love & war. It is always the tart who talks, and talk they must & do…ALWAYS. No such thing as a secret fuck; she WILL tell.