Your average pay to kunguru

How much do you guys pay kunguru’s? When i was in that business i used to pay between 1k-3k a night and if good i add 1k. Once my friend took me to a place githurai where a shot was 20bob, i ran away!

I run too.

You guys pay for coomer? Single mothers give for free.

Poko is different from Kunguru

Angalia definition ya Kunguru kwa Lexicon

Come Na 5K

Only losers with small dicks pay for sex

200 -300 river road incident free condoms of course room 100-200

[B][FONT=verdana][SIZE=7]how much i would pay for pwussy…[/SIZE][/FONT][/B]
[FONT=verdana][SIZE=4]its not like i walked in a room and there was pussy on the bed.Alafu to add salt to injury,nyang’au ikunywe pombe za top shelf umelipia hadi na your spare kidney ,then nilipe ikus…[/SIZE][/FONT]

unauza coomer nakuja

For REAL? kwani Bibi/gf yako salon, nguo , food hunuliwa na nani?

Yeye hufanya kazi. Kwani pesa zake akapeleka wapi?

you dont know women .

cant relate

and later ask for payment in form of rent n school fees acha nilipie tu direct monthly subscription is way too expensive

If you’re good my fren, hakuna dem atakuitusha hela. Now just have em chasing that dick

Cant relate… wengine wetu tuko na ukoa jahazi kadhaa na hatusumbui.

There is you a beta male who will do all those for a lady even when she has her own money, then there is us

Hadi exhaust?

kunguru halipwi…sema prostitutes

Villagers bado mnanunua coomer?