Your 2022 predictions

2022 August elections in Kenya will be contested.
Military will take over the leadership of Kenya.
General Kibochi will become the president of the republic of Kenya.
All major politicians (Uhuru Ruto Raila and others will be put under house arrest)

Israel will attack Iran
China will invade Taiwan and take over
Russia will invade Ukraine and take over
USA will undergo a major cyberattack that will neutralize its military capability done by China and Russia.
USA will collapse and split into different small states.
China will emerge as a world power.
Europe will raise their defence afraid of Russia take over.
Covid19 new variant will emerge again and global travel will be stopped again.
A coup will happen in Uganda and Museveni will be thrown as the president of Uganda.
There will be mass immigration never seen before to Europe.

Ivi tu ndio bet yote uungua

In that case I pray the military upholds their discipline

Ungebuild on the 2021 predictions tuone who came closest.

Hapo ya USA to collapse will happen but in future. And the world will be peaceful.

I can only contest “museveni will be thrown”.

Pussy prediction

Miguna will be appointed Solicitor General
Hulliam will be president, Kayonzo Wasioka deputy
Babu Owino will go to jail
Pauk Kobia will be appointed envoy to DRC
Oscar Sudi will be government spokesman
Governor Mutua will re-marry Lillian Nganga
Prof Magoha will be Secretary for gender issues

More COVID outbreaks in Europe and travelling there from Africa will be made difficult
William will win presidency, another cycle of disappointment will commence
Kenyan economy will be hard hit by loan repayments as well as being punished for the efforts to disentangle ourselves from this mess

Hii upuss ya predictions iishe banae.

Watu watulize vinyambis and enjoy the ride.


Hizi tu:D:D:D:D:D:D

Nope all wrong

A meteorite or comet will collide with mother earth. The impact might lead to extinction level event(ELE) but not as extreme as was experienced during Ice age.

There will be another worse pandemic
Defi will take a prominent role in banking
Islamic terrorism will make a resurgence
Raila and Ruto will share govt

History always repeats itself …

And all empires rise , have their glory and then fade away …
From time immemorial , major Wars ignited by historical morons are also inevitable … :D:D

In recent history …

  • the British empire
  • the German Nazi empire
  • the Imperial Japanese empire
  • the former mighty USSR

Next will be the break up of Chinese occupied territories ( …Mongolia , Tibet , Hong Kong , Macau … they better forget Taiwan … )

If Putin was smart ( …which he is not …) he would be reading the “tea leaves” …
And concerntrate on Democratizing the the political space and improving the Russian Economy instead of his mad Land Grab agenda …
(…We all know how it ended for Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany in 1945 …)

Humans worldwide will only put up with Autocrats and Tyrants for a season …
When they have suffered enough , the will stand up and free themselves …

Change is inevitable … :D:D:D

No one ever predicted the implosion of the USSR in the way it rapidly happened …

For 3 decades after 1946 , everyone was preparing for World War 3 between the USA and the USSR in which China would move in and mop up …

It did not happen …

In time , the US influence on the world scale will wane …
But by then , Russia as we know it ( …and Putin in particular …) will not be around any more … :D:D

We shall eat, drink and life will continue.
The planet will keep orbiting the sun