Young women have been through the most

So was seated next to some young ladies at a doctor’s waiting room, one was prolly bringing the other for moral support, I believe under 25. Zile story walikua wanaogea I was like, ukiwa umepitia through all this at that age na ukifika age yangu itakuaje?

BTW this isn’t just ladies but generally young people nowadays are such dare devils ukikumbuka ukiwa hio age ama ata saa hii na uzee yako yote hujapitia half of what they have been through.

Parents ndio wanajionea maneno, your kids are in primo you get condoms and cigarettes in their drawers. The innocence we had, we assume others would be the same. Mtoto wa primary anafanya nini na cd surely? How old were you when you first saw a condom outside a shop?

When you tell a young person that wewe hupendi kua out at night for security reasons and they are like but si you are using your own means. Yaani a 50 year old person can be more innocent and inexperienced than some kids in primary and secondary school. Let’s not go to campus.

Anyway warembo walikua Wana discuss which place has the best doctors in flushing. Wanawajua kweli kweli. I am like today if you asked me where to procure an abortion maybe nimeskia tuu Marie Stopes but ask a 20 yr old girl anajua shimo zote. Heh. This generation. Too experienced for life makes you wonder if you live in Pluto.

Lakini mayengs take it easy on your body coz hakuna spare. Sio shesha, sio bhangi, sio family planning, sio abortions - several, others hizo mahookups za Airbnb. Guys be living dangerously alafu you die and leave us suffering with Zakayo na taxes zake. Wengine ni depression and suicide bcz of drinking too much and abusing drugs. It’s very sad the trajectory these people have taken. Wacha sisi na uoga yetu tuendelee kulipa ushuru coz some of these people to see our age will be nothing short of a miracle.

I thought that after the case of the girl who was mutilated in an Airbnb, mtu akiona a man trying to take her to one, this shit would stop but people are still doing those things, you get a hook up online first date ni Airbnb. Yaani can you at least feel sorry for your parents who will be looking for missing parts of your body after you go to an Airbnb? Mjamaa hajashikwa yall still be going to Airbnbs. Are you suicidal?

Ogopa hii generation. Mimi acha tuu nielee kua old school coz I need to reach 100 years. I also need to get to my grave in one piece.

Flushing has been a thing since time immemorial. In fact P2 cut the rates by 90%.
If I was you I would run away from those your doctors.