Young Ladies a threat to everyone

I was up-country last weekend, a young voluptuous cousin of mine who is in college hapa Nai was also in attendance at the extended family event…
time to come back to the city, around 6pm the cousin asked for a lift back to the city,

All the ladies there looked at me like a sinner, to make it worse the young lady suggested that i drop her at her residence, to which i said yes,

All the ladies’ eyes were on me, with those judgmental eyes… am not the type that fucks relatives, even the devil has class sometimes…
But i felt so annoyed that they were calling us after every 45 mins to make sure we were safe

But you do know cousins shag? especially at an early age… ama hujui?nimesoma some stories here on KTalk…mmmmmh…na wacha nilenge zangu where my kazos tried it on me.

Wacha kuedit.sema tu cuzo wako alipita na wewe :smiley:

Usijali brathe!!! there are those families who always treat , the young gals in the family like some sort of princesses, me I visited my aunt one time and her young daughter was really acting out, anatusi hadi her elder sister infront of us, it’s like they were worshiping her,stupid kid was still a high schooler

Apana they did not. They are younger than me but they expressed their desires and I nomare don’t do young dudes. Ever.

@eddy mahelo kam kiasi

What about your older cousins???
Isorait tunakuelewa.

The ones who told me how much they fancy me are the younger ones not any of the older ones.

What kind of record have you kept with your family to the point wanakuogopa

wtf how did it reach to that point? you must have given them invitational signs

Meaning if it was the older ones ungeunleash ama?

Ya ya ya…

Naah… I just answered a question. I was v taken aback.

I am sure you aren’t saying everything, kuna ile kitu umeficha.

Naah… if you knew me well enuff you would know I would unleash the deets. All I am trying to say is that a kazo can get attracted to another because of the blood connection and familiarity.
Which is why we have formed a whatsup group so that our kids can know each other before they intermarry huku webs.

mefi kabisa and to think you’re always the first to point figures at others, incest loving piece of shit!!!

Nikome pls kikikiki…if you have comprehension issues that is not my prob nani.

you’ve clearly admitted you shagged your older cousins, I wonder how you look at each other during family get togethers…

Hehehe make up your stories but they will not stick. I cannot be arsed to respond to you anymore. Sayonara.

So older ones ungepeana ama? For me a young cuzo lady really wanted me to hit it i could not believe it i said no…