Young entrepreneurs, the problem

Sometime in klost I had asked for a reference to a service provider and was linked up with this young dude straight from campus. I look at the guy and he is talking big and I decide to take a risk on the nigga.

The job was to take 2 weeks to a maximum of 4 weeks. It took this blarry fool a whole year and still did not complete the assigned task.

Lets just say these days its extremely difficult to give any job to startups by fresh graduates and others with no experience at all. This fool ruined it for me and for a host of other entrepreneurs.

I sometimes sit on bid evaluation boards and I come across, start-up bids and you can tell when you look at the CVs and all other documents that given a chance they might deliver. However, when I remember the fool who could not complete a simple task, I decide they are not worth the hustle.

My point is this…when first starting out as an entrepreneur, its important to realise that you are simply hanging on basic trust and an agreed understanding of the deliverables. It should never be about the money when you start! Build a network and focus on the bigger picture and most of all…deliver on the task at hand without prejudice.


fika job kwanza

Nimekuwa job for the last one hour. Wewe umekuwa wapi?

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Io ni task gani inachukua 1yr kumaluza??

Always go for the experienced

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Ata usiulize, the worst part is that I gave the guy some down-payment to facilitate him do that work, asisote sana

Nataka kazi. Am 19 years old


N.V kuja pole pole

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At 19 years your quest for knowledge should be unquenchable. Reading a lot, making mistakes and correcting them as you go along, being the master of your domain. No incumberances, no bills, no responsibilities as such. Waswahili husema enda kwanza ujielimishe. Not looking for work at that young but seeking an education in whatever field and building a lifelong passion hoping that you still have that safety net at that age.

And no KTalk.

umekumbuka kuvaa helmet? juzi soja wa matha ya beste yangu ameshambuliwa na mathegi huko ngong

19 year olds can’t create successful startups?

Pro tip: Build things, fail and learn. You can afford to fail.

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Did not say that, follow my earlier statement…focus on the bigger picture, and whatever you decide to do, make sure you deliver, even if its at a loss (Whatever loss that is). You can always learn from your loss!

at that age there are many small moto motos that disturb your head.
without discipline, no one can get anything done.
discipline is key.

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Hehehe, true! e.g. Huyo dame ni mimi amenikataa?!, wacha nianzishe biz nimake pesa, huyo manzi atakipata!

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Watoto wa siku hizi hawajui hivyo. To them, it’s ALWAYS about the money.