Young African ladies, please avoid going to this country of inhuman murderers


waarabu ni wanyama, especially those who live in countries where strict Sharia law is enforced

Subbies… when will they learn…?

niaje NVchieth

let law of darwin take its course , they have been warned many times , while they are suffering and lamenting others are struggling to go there only to do the same , wacha wapambane


Saa hii kuna wengi naskia wanafunzwa wanede uko. Very sad.

Honestly…they look to be slaves…cry after? Unapenda pesa Hadi unapoteza u’re life…after which hio pesa haitasaidia u’re dead ass…unawacha mama akilia…

I saw a documentary of Ethiopians walking through deserts, crossing seas on rickety boats, trekking through Yemen which is a war zone so as to reach Saudi Arabia which to them is paradise.

Unashangaa if to them SA is paradise kwani huko Ethiopia kuko aje?

Ukifika uko unakuwa muslim hutateswa sana

by now kila mtu anajua working in the middle east is risky … before uenda huko , think twice…

Not middle east but SAUDI, BAHRAIN AND OMAN

5 years plus and still going strong … why the generalization. Pale Yunarestet blacks are being discriminated and killed, why is no one not branding it as risky?

Ignorance kills and it kills absolutely

Mimi siwaonei huruma kwasababu ni wajinga tu.
Asians and especially Arabs do not regard your humanity. Kama hamkusoma historia shauri ni yenyu

What’s the percentage of those killed against the ones who go back home in one piece at the end of their contract … asking for research purpose.

bro i do not know how many fatalities are there quarterly or annually but I know of a 100% fact that ALL these girls are seen as less than dogs and that they can be used to satisfy a mans sexual desires just because.
Most of these fatalities probably arise because many women put up a fight to repell this rape.

The most affected group are the housemaids aka kadamas. There are a lot of other ngeos out here who do proffesional work save for a few viruka njias dishing their punanis to ogahs as if there is no tomorrow.

just because he is okey , he is willing to ignore the reasons behind killings of black ppl by arabs and ‘KKK’

You cannot compare the 2 regions kamwe. Let us begin with the raping of our girls by the mwarabu, the thorough life threatening beatings and lashings and let us put the fact that this is ignored by both gavas to one side. Where are the human rights pipo?

This cannot happen in Bidenstan in ‘broad daylight’. Or even in the deepest night.

It is because of ignorance like this, our girls are coming back in bags!
Just because you are and feel human in Africa, do not expect the rest of the races to view you as one…there’s history for
f@#(ing sake!! read you zinj!!
This shit goes everywhere including your very own doorstep!
Chinanam lowlife cadre worker comes to Kenya to work for his Chinese company, courtesy of bilateral relations fronted by both leaders…still, the same low life has the balls to insult the same Kenyan pres by calling him a moonkey…but everytime you meet a shyknees in Kenyan you have no balls to ask him what he is doing in your country…hii ujinga tuache.
It does not matter whether one goes to SAUDI, BAHRAIN AND OMAN as you have highlighted…worse is Lebanon, Libya, Zoomalia, Mauritania, Iraq, Misr, Afghanistan, Syria, Jordan, Sudan, and even Iran.