You will soon go to jail for lying to a woman during courtship.

If you lie to a woman that you are rich and she sleeps wih you based on that fact and she later finds out that you are a peasant, you risk being charged with rape.
Huku Australia wameanza ujinga


I hope that stupid law goes through… tuone kama watafungia kila mtu. This feminist bullshit will soon break the camels back.

That’s why tunapenda malaya.

Hakuna hekaya ndefu za mzee kobe na kaka mbweha… Toa suruali, chapa kitu, lipa, nenda zako…

@Sambamba bado hujaoa shoga hiii

BTW This year you are turning 43, keep ranting about bitches na ata mbegu hujapanda, you weak homosexual fool


Feminism is killing these niggas

Feminists just don’t know when to stop. Like @Randy has said, they’ll push to the point of empowering radical male chauvinists who will set the clock back 100 years when women were only to be seen.

Hehe radical feminism keeps pushing men in developed countries deeper and deeper into MGTOW. Alafu when these feminists realize that there is an acute shortage of men to leech off of, they start shaming men how they can’t handle “strong women” calling them cowards, maybe even pass laws to tax single men heavily…it’s a complete fucking shitshow.

Why do you think these male-oppressive laws pass in the first place? Because the number of simps, white knights, and cucks far outweighs the number of red-pilled men who have the backbone to resist this shit. These laws are passed by men (if we can even call them that). There’s no way that men over there can set the clock back, the only option they have is going full MGTOW and strictly fucking hookers, or going monk mode.

Am keen to see what evidence will be presented in courts especially where a man has lied that he’s rich

Counter ni rahisi sana. Unajitetea alikusho ye ni virgin but ukajipata kwa mtaro!

This can’t even be enforced. Tough luck.

Madness of the highest order!!

Sometimes these democracies go to far in their efforts to have transparency in their societies.

Hii ni high quality ujinga

Sambamba, did you take on board the fact that even women are lied to by men during courtship? anyway some of these things don’t really apply in real life. Here, what I know is jailable is bigamy and polyandry. But in the meantime the UK citizens are pursuing avenues on how politicians who lie during the campaigns can be jailed. I am watching v closely and happily as we watch Boris deliver his Brexit.

Teddy don’t buy some of these things wholesale. I repeat again MGTOW maneno does not have a v firm following hia. Actually Kenyan men spread the message more.
Why should it gain traction while we don’t waste time separating if it is not working na mtu alipe child support? The law is followed to the letter.