You Will Be Fined Ksh 20 Million Or Decades In Prison For Misusing Your Computer Or Internet To Spread P0rn, Terror Activities. Att. Kuosha Mecho Crew

Kuosha Mecho crew be warned


20 years awaits you

we will marshal our lobby groups at statehouse to quash that bill. this is infringing on a fundamental freedom, freedom of expression. which is entrenched in the constitution. any statute that contravenes the constitution is illegal since in the hierarchy of laws the constitution is supreme.


As usual, old fools trying to embed their foolishness into the future of our youth

Wewe ni maraya kweli

Haipiti. @kelele tuu mingi unless wablock ka muslim countries. I’d want to see someone actually getting jailed for downloading porn,the evidence would be damning:D:D:D
Mimi na terrabytes zangu…

Xvideos is better than Pornhub

wdf …

Duale thinks Kenya is an Islamic state. Apeleke hio umeffi zoomalia

duale ako na umefii tu, he’s proposing his al-Shabaab cousins to have a softer penalty but if two adults’ decides to record themselves and later share, kuna shida.

[B]If approved, persons found in possession of pornographic material in their phones or computer devices or publishes the same on the internet — social media platforms — will face a Sh20 million fine or 20 years in jail.

yet terror related activities are only 5m fine or 10 years ndan[/B]i.

But kenyans have 1000s problems to be legislated upon, porn is not a priority, garissa county itself has millions challenges yet duale thinks of the risks of recording himself and later sharing with his mwk



infact those with gay or ch*ld puorn should get worse sentences , but this country is good in passing laws but there are not functional structures to enforce them , its pure anarchy out there

I have no problem with porn.
But I definitely have a problem with the people who post women’s pics here.
Mi hushangaa tu what kind of men you are seriously. No serious woman would engage a man who will later expose her online.

whores arent serious ,… akipanua miguu for a photoshoot where do you expect those pictures to end up

They are still humans. And if you were to tell her you will post her on kenyatalk would she still say yes? I mean am not the nicest guy on earth, but seriously, am not an arsehole either.

so we cant enjoy porn because some religious nut job thinks it is immoral??:D:D:D these bonobos… besides google never shares customer details. so that bill is just stupid. all tyouhave to do is clear your history and keep your mouth shut. burden of proof is on them

Use chrome ingognito, and wank yourself away.

clearing your computer history does not clear it from your isp

isp can not get you if you are condomed up