You Think Uhuru Is A Bad President, Wait And See Gideon's Presidecy!

People are being imposed on Kenyans and it seems like the next President has already been selected. Uhuru loves KANU, that is his dad’s party and Jubilee was just a vessel to sail through the ICC storm. Now that ICC cases are over Uhuru is going back home, to Mama Ngina’s Party because Moi and Mama Ngina and Jomo are the REAL owners of Kenya. Sisi wengine ni squatters

Unasema nini wewe Mzee?


They are grooming Gideon Moi to protect their ill gotten wealth.

Si ni Juzi tuu niliwashow ni man Giddy that will take the mantle. I know , I know most kaleos won’t vote for him but here is what is about to happen. Ruto and Kaleos are hoping that most okuyus will vote for him in retaliation to the handshake. Hold on lemme finish . U see Kenyan voters especially wa mashinani are easy to dupe. Just pocket a rebel Kikuyu in Ruto’s camp and promise him a DP position (Moi’s running mate)… tafuta another rebel msapere and promise him/her atakuwa super minister designs ya matiangi.

My fren those two Saperes will turn on Ruto like a nonsense and open wounds of Kiambaa church etc. Hio tosha , Ruto is left with Kaleos alone.

Other tribes. Four VP positions or asst VP to cater for the big tribes.

Are u getting my drill

You have a point there. In fact I think Raila is not even in the equation… He is just a figure in the chess board. …corrected

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)][SIZE=6]chase board.[/SIZE]???

You see you talk alot till you don’t know what even chess means!

That man has been cursed to chase this seat as long as he lives

The curse of Sisyphus the greek legend?

So in your world ni wasapere pekee hukula hongo?

Sijasema hivo but look at the current situation…wasapere are the stumbling block hapa. Which ever party wins their votes gets the presidency…jifunze kutumia akili

My point was kwani kwa hio equation yako Ruto hawezi bribe other tribes to fill his kikapu?

Luhyas for instance, they are numerous.

Kuna tofauti kubwa sana chenye Ruto’s wealth can do compared to Uhuru’s ,Raila & Mois wealth + state machinery can do

Timezone 4:20 ,hii ni shash

that is the price of devaluing elections,now voters are useless

Man giddy hawezi make