You should watch this with an open mind.

[SIZE=5]The fake news have watered this down to Giuliani’s hair dye to off course divert the story from the very important issues that this lawyer is addressing. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Matters relevant to even Kenya’s future elections! But the hair dye jabs and open insults were expected. It’s typical. Nothing new really. Just another day in modern journalism.

About Jesse Jacob!!! Star witness. Skiza hapa :


And @Kennedy Maina I thought you said that The Daily Mail is a conservative paper… well, there’s nothing pro -Trump here below. Just the usual matusi.

And this article below was actually written by the Deputy U.S Political Editor for The Daily Mail, I imagine a senior editor. But underneath the surface, underneath the soft matusi one can smell the FEAR : [/SIZE]

Let’s wait and see what those Dominion servers located in Germany will show. Guiliani is shocked at the audacity of these people. Any decent person would be sweating bullets!

Germans :eek::smiley:
never the russians


This is what happens when you hire a guy who’s been virtually retired for 30 years. He calls a press conference and quotes movies and thinks he’s just won the case. As if court cases are won in press conferences.
And then there’s this Jenna Ellis quote: ‘Your question is fundamentally flawed when you’re asking where is the evidence.’ :smiley: Trump’s legal team literally asking what the hell does evidence have to do with anything?

After all the hype, this was the Kraken? Pathetic

For someone who earned the public trust and admiration for his words and deeds in dealing with unimaginable devastation 19 years ago, Giuliani has become a peddler of conspiracy theories, outlandish allegations, and implausible scenarios. The qualities Giuliani once displayed so vividly and effectively may have been lost with the passage of time, their disappearance hastened by a dramatically altered political environment and his irresistible urge to regain and remain relevant.


Alas, in November of 2020, that future has descended into embarrassing buffoonery.
In the service of President Trump, “America’s Mayor” has become a figure of ridicule and derision, the butt of jokes, eye-rolling and smirks in reaction to his claims that Trump was cheated out of a second term by an openly hostile media in league with Democratic Party evildoers to seize control of the U.S. government and impose a socialist dictatorship. As the chief of the president’s legal team, Giuliani has stoked Trump’s paranoia, predicting successful litigation and humiliation of his opponents. We are saddened by what he’s become and we long to see “America’s Mayor” once again. It is time for the return of “America’s Mayor.”

Wait . Did I hear [SIZE=6]servers[/SIZE]?

Listen to your beloved faux news explaining why the whole press conference was 100% bullshit


Where will MAGATS turn to when even faux news desert them?

Guys were going to vote only to find out that they had already voted for Biden. Sijui provisional ballot. Unaenda kuuliza ‘hey I want to vote!’

Unaambiwa, ‘But you already voted sir/madam!’

Who told you that the news stations mean anything? :D:D

These are just busybody parrots! They became soo big for their britches that they imagined they own Americans.

And even with the complete media bias against Trump they just CAN’T STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM!

Censorship isn’t working. And this is great. For the first time Americans realise how full of crap their media has always been. Trump was elected at the perfect moment in history. Americans are slowly waking up to the fact that they have been living a lie.

These Leftists are something else, check this out.




It gets worse…:confused:

Their plans are slowly falling apart. And to think after all they have done to get to this point.

Mtoto alizaliwa just the other day in the 1970s or 80s and he thinks the U.S was built on brains and science…

Those universities these liberals speak off hawajui zilijengwa na sadaka ya KANISA? Yes the Evangelicals… God blessed America. They want to wage war against the creator. Shida ni ati wanajiona wanajiweza, but they don’t know how they got here!!

You know I have said it on this very website before. Socialism is simply war against God.

That is why religion is banned in socialist states. That is why they call religion opium of the masses… because a socialist has to remove this Supreme King to be able to implement his plan. You have to deconstruct the population by removing GOD!

And you do this by killing those who stand with God. In all socialist states the religious leaders have to be killed. Those are the lists they speak of because God is a moral authority.

And afterwards, that is why the leaders of socialist states refer to themselves as the Supreme leader or Enlightened one or Teacher of the nation… they become the god figure.

It is as simple as that @Purple. Socialism is war against God. That is why they are so bitter with Him.

When you see North Koreans crying like they do infront of those supreme Leader statues that is in essense their small god!

He is their supreme leader. In Russia they had Lenin. He was everywhere his statue and symbol plated in gold and his body was preserved to symbolise he has not died…

I kid you not @Purple that is what socialism is!

And anyone against Lenin or his teachings has to be removed or culled from the population, because you are questioning the supreme leader. And they had lists prepared every hour!

When you see the massive image of Chairman Mao at Tianenman Gate that is what he represents. It is a cult for lack of a better word.

The irony is how mentally fragile most leftists are despite touting themselves as purveyors of human liberties. Why do they have this uncontrollable urge to police thoughts? They call conservative evangelicals crazy but even crazy people have a right to be that way, you can’t actually commit such a person to a mental institution against their will. There’s not a single law which grants even health workers or family members this permission as long as the person isn’t harming themselves or others. Watch closely how the lamb is starting to speak like a dragon. The Democrats have become this party of intolerance, singular truth, cancel culture, to the extent of wanting to place their fellow citizens in “re-education camps.” Nazism and Fascism have been swallowed up into Communism, all 3 are unclean spirits and it will end up with the persecution of Christians.

And what is amusing is that the Jew is always in the middle of all these activities.

They were the most persecuted in communist and fascist Europe because they represent God’s chosen people … but at the same time it is the Jew who came up with socialism and even fascism! They are the the ones who thought up these two evil systems!

It was also a Jew who invented the chemicals that Hitler used in his gas chambers…

In the U.S it is akina Soros fighting very hard to remove God from America. A Jew blessed with billions turns on his Creator Father.

A year ago you divided them as Jews in both divides. You even have atheist Jews attacking the nation state of Israel very aggressively.

The Padded Cell Monologues

The devil when he realized that God had chosen the Jews for Himself, he had to come into that plan and mess it up. Therefore, a nation which was used immensely for good was also misused for the extreme, opposite purpose. Always remember that there are 2 types of Jews. The 144,000 and the rest, whom the Bible calls “the synagogue of Satan.” These are people who preferred Barabbas over their Messiah, imagine that!

“I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” Rev 2:9
People like akina Soros, Sanders, other leftist Jews who prefer Palestine over their own nationhood are of which synagogue…?

Dominion which supposedly flips votes in Biden’s favor, is used in Georgia.
Hand recount of Georgia paper ballots now complete shows no material difference from what was tabulated by Domininon.

But I get it. Dominion flips everywhere but Georgia. right?

Daily Mail is a conservative paper.
Tucker Carlson is as pro-Trump as you get.

The moment you lose both, just know you are now becoming a mad man.

Here’s Tucker last night attacking lawyer Sidney Powell for her conspiracy theories.


What is missing in all these press conference is the actual evidence.
Making wild allegations everywhere. Yet when they go to court, where they can be held accountable for lying… crickets.

If the fraud is how they claim it is, they wouldn’t be standing with over 25 losses in courts, many in front of republican appointed judges.