"you should know people"

The level of impunity is very high especially when it comes with those with “little powers” they don’t learn from their senior being humble. Link https://goo.gl/images/j5QEp7 (courtesy of Google) shows President had once gone under security check at JKIA on his way to ICC. A Kenyan security guard is going through hell just because she forced someone with no special privilege to go under security check. If someone is a VIP why then not use the VIP gate? I wonder if we have reached the threshold to have a flight to the international airport such as the USA with the mind “WE SHOULD KNOW PEOPLE.” it’s high time leaders should show respect for the rule, high integrity, and respect for other.

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you wound english


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Have you taken into consideration that the story might be just one sided?
Otherwise airtime ya NVs ni hadi next month…

not even concerned with airtime speakig out and airing my opinion is my hobby. great to have found this platform

Going under hell? :D:D:D

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Igrich came by chip.


Well, have you considered that said lady might be playing the victim?


Watalipa only 2.4 mirrions

I read a lot of malice in this airport story about a lady sacked ostensibly because of obstructing Dr. Matiang’i. There’s a deliberate attempt to drag the CS’s name into the whole saga for prominence.

Legally speaking, Dr. Matiang’i is not party to the suit. He can’t even appear in court as an interested person. His name is being used to dramatize and solicit sympathy on the lady and cause a dissatisfaction on one of the top performing public servants.

It is important to note that the lady has three other cases and Matiang’i is simply being used to dramatize an industrial case between the lady and JKIA. Matiang’i’s public profile is being used to solicit sympathy yet he is not party to the suit. He can’t even be a witnesses.

Look at it this way: The CS was denied VIP treatment and wasn’t happy about it. This was in April. He was humiliated and subjected to the security procedures. He complained to his counterpart - the Transport CS who in turn raised the matter with JKIA management. JKIA management instituted disciplinary procedures and eventually sacked the lady.

The CS didn’t insult the lady or pinch her nose. He simply complained to his counterpart about the humiliation. Was it wrong for him to do that?

From the severance letter the lady had other cases stretching to February. The Matiang’i’s incident was in April. It’s not solely because of him that she was dismissed.

Whatever the case the matter is in court. It’s a Labour issue and the material facts to be canvassed will be whether she was wrongly dismissed by her employer. Matiang’i has nothing to do with it!

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the court of public opinion is at its best a harsh one…- A Sage, date unknown.