You Know Why There Will Never Be A Revolution Or Civil Disobedience In Kenya?

Majority of Kenyans don’t understand very may things. Ordinary Kenyan doesn’t even know what KRA PIN is. Some ask unailipia kila mwaka. They only registered to get it because their bank asked for it and they have NEVER logged in back onto their portals. Many don’t even know the email details used to register their PIN.

Finance Bill wengi waliisikia last year for the first time in their entire lives. The thinking and reasoning and understanding of things to an ordinary Kenyan is greatly hamered bu ignorance and lack of civic education.


Infact very few Kenyans even know how the government works. Many think the government is there to give free things


@Ken_Sarro huwa ana chase hii sembe yote na uto tumboga. Ogopa waingo

Peasants are the best people for a revolution contrary to what idealists like Marx believe.
The issue is that any charlatan or tribal warlord can win them with slogans

And they are not very wrong when they see Sudi and Murkomen flying around in personal Choppers , building palatial Mansions and wearing designer Watches worth several millions …

Bure Kabisa …!! :rage: :hotsprings:

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Kneegroes were meant to suffer. It’s their fate. Soma pipilia vizuri.

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Hii ugali yote ni ya watu wawili?