You Kenyans need to be VERY careful of Somalis

“As a fellow black man who is not African” Bruh … but it’s aight …

Munaongea mbaya kuhusu somalians and all of you here loose your thinking capacities to the tail between your legs and start fawning (which is worse than simping) when you see their women. Bure kabisa. Refer to that thread about the somalian woman selling smokies in the street.

Right I believe it. You’ll notice non-blacks behave the exact same way. It’s ok for them to discriminate and make societal rules and hierarchies against blacks but expect the red carpet treatment when they come to Black nations. Unfortunately there are too many black people that are happy to play along with this bullshit deal. As Black people this really needs to stop. This is why I give people like Idi Amin so much credit for booting out those racist Indians out of Uganda.

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Vitu hamjui tafadhali WachAneni nazo

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It’ll be another 100 years before they become an issue. They are expanding and very fast but it’ll take many years for them to become the majority and to have enough clout to change political outlook of the country

Eruoti, vitu kama Gani?

Umekaa na wao Somalia sku ngapi?

Evwn in nigeria the fulani who are more arab than zoomalis have held presidential office. So far they have not genocided the southern nigerians in the past 30 or so years. Why would kenya be any different.

In fact, except for al shabaab, somali leaders have never called for widespread tribal ethnic cleansing. Even at the height of PEV in 2007 when they could have did it and got away with it with ease. Hawakubunja duka za watu waibe ngumu na soda za fanta. Hawakuingia dika za wameru kiiba muguka. We never heard of any somalis looting.

Methinks you’re part of a conspiracy that has been working hard for the past 20 years to get Kenyans to fight Kenyan somalis

Spot on!

Niaje wee umbwa.Ushamaliza kupanguza mharo ya shosho?Umepangusa kama umevaa mask ama if you die you die?

Simple ! Their internal clan hatred is greater than external prejudice.

I know. Dated a Murule at some point in my younger years.

Wait until your future generation wakuwe minority in their own country…

Najua, ni watu chieth

Nimekula lanye for 15 years sijawai pata lanye msomali

Wacheni wasomali wakule jaba in peace.

one aden duale the current minister of defense publicly urged al Shabab terrorists to attack regions such as machackos when he was merely an mp

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Count yourself in luck. I have been into one of their houses and I will never go back. Everyone men and women in the household used a dirty rag to wipe their mukundus and they didn’t even hygienically store it. It was just laying there openly .Never again.

Maybe that’s why wanawakazia ndio msione vitu ka hizo