You Kenyans need to be VERY careful of Somalis

As a fellow Black man who is not African. I am warning Kenyans to be very wary of Somalis. I truly believe they’re slowly trying to take over your country. Many of these people (much like other Arab adjacent people) tend to have a strong and inherently anti-black tinge to them which is deeply embedded into their culture.

I can’t tell the future of course but I view Somalis as a potential risk to Kenya because 1) They’re playing an increasingly massive role in the Kenyan economy. 2) Their numbers are rising due to their very high birthrates and they tend to be more unified compared to the Bantu and Nilotic tribes. (I believe when they get their numbers up they’ll try getting their people into political office) and since Kenya is made up of many different tribes that don’t always agree with each other you won’t have the numbers on your side. 3) Their Islamic faith makes it easier for them to justify taking land especially from “infidels”. 4) Many see themselves as racially superior to the Bantu and Nilotic tribes inhabiting much of Sub-Sahara Africa.

I just want to clarify I’m not saying ZERO Somalis should live in Kenya but you need to monitor their activities as well as their numbers very carefully. Don’t make the same mistake West Africans did with the Fulani.

Kind Regards.


None of you has ever explained why they cannot unify in Somali, their own country.


This is true but I was talking more specifically when Somalis go to other countries. I should’ve specified this sorry.


Agree with you fully! Most of them are actually illegal immigrationts who bribed their way to Kenyan citizenship.

We need to put all of them in gas chambers. The problem is Kenya is too corrupt so they will keep increasing in numbers until they take over the country.

It’s funny seeing all this unfold in realtime and nobody in power cares to take care of it. Really sad.


Exactly what he is saying. They are bloody idiots when together but when in diaspora they can play a bad one on you.

But even in Somalia they unite on one thing; that non Somalis and non Muslims need to be oppressed or even killed without remorse.

That’s why you saw in Shifa hospital videos produced by Israel, everyone knew Hamas was operating from there but they would rather die than disclose that. Watu bure sana, it’s an Islam thing


Right precisely! Again look how the Somali Bantu are treated in Somalia for example. Why should any Bantu nation accommodate Somalis or make their lives comfortable when they would not be willing to do the same for Black Africans?

I wouldn’t go as far as to say you need to murder or harm them but you need to deport them back to Somalia or at the very least the NFD region of Kenya since it’s disputed land. Somalis however should NOT be allowed to live the privilege life they do in Kenya when Somalis would not be willing to do the same for a Bantu let alone a Kenyan in Somalia.


Hehehe. If somalis are so innovative and a real danger how come their country is the shithole of Africa. Fulanis and southern Nigerians have been fighting a dustardly war for oil. There’s no oil in meaningful quantities so there’s nothing to take over actually. Unless they’re obsessed with tuploti twa Nairobi which are only valuable because there’s a capital city there. Otherwise there’s nothing for somalis to take over



I have interacted with Somalis for many years na sijawahi pitia hizi mashida mnasema, in fact kuna mmoja aliniangushia deal ingine safi just because the transaction happened to be on the eve of one of their holidays.

Ni watu roho safi ukijuana nao. Shida ni religion

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Ni watu roho safi (sio wote including bungwa) ukijuana nao. Shida ni deen


Niliwaambia after the 2020 census we’ll have a Somali bhresdent soon :sweat_smile:

And what is wrong with that. He would still be president of all kenyans

In my primary days karibu nidinye walalo nilikuwa nimeanguka na yeye sana…alikuwa anaitwa Amina…mali safi kuruka…my take and contribution on this matter of national importance

You don’t understand the Somali mindset…They view themselves as racially superior similar to the way Berber and Arabized Africans do. I fully believe if Somalis gain too much power in Kenya they will try to genocide the Bantu and Nilotic populations OR push them into ghettos or some sort of slavery system. Remember these people subscribe to the belief (along with Arabs/Berbers) of radicalized slavery.


Somalis will gladly walk into your house and ask to go take a dump in your toilet. If you’re not one of them, you will never be invited into their houses, the furthest you can go is their front yard or car park where they chill full of taxin and fresh expensive khat in pocket. Ramadan or Idd or whatever party they got, they will pack that Bilau shit and give it to you through the window. Usikaribie nyumba Yao.


This is Freaking True. While the Igbos and Yoruba Subgroups Engage in Ethnic Clashes, the Hausa-Fulanis have effectively dominated the Nigeria’s political power and control of resources.

At Least He is Honest with His Sentiment… We also have these “Arabized” Swahilis… Those MFs think that they are Freakin’ Superior Compared to other Coastal Subgroups (Mijikendas).


Tutawachinja kama kuku. Mungiki and other militias will take care of them don’t worry

I approve the thread , incompetent JSKS gave them a minister. They are now travelling without barrier from their shithole to kanairo establishing their filthy businesses around. These scums should be gased up like Jews back to their failed shithole

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