You heard it from me first.

Covid-19 hype will be over by 15th. From all observations I have made on global affairs. Especially observing the behaviour of influential personalities who have staked billions in this disease.
Fear no evil.
Mark your calendars. April 15th.

Bars in your area are still open

I know you dearly miss keg and the bad girls lurking in downtown Nairobi.

I really wish this would be true. Lots of employees are serving the 30 day notice on redundancy from their employers. If things are okay before end month, few people will suffer, including businesses.


The fear is being hyped by the same government, at least by now we should have learnt something from tanzania, where magufuli aliambia watu wachape kazi without fear.
Now here Kenyans are asking for a lockdown which will hurt them, and you wonder whether this daftness is inherited or vaccinated.

This government decided to magnify fear out of this COVID-19 Bullshit. They wanted money. The funny thing, wamefika point ya kutudanganya mpaka wakabaki na their own medias. Sisi kama wakenya tunataka kurudi kazini. I curse foundations funding this COVID-19 shit.

I hate the alcoholic’s government but they are in a damned if they do, damned if they dont situation. People asked them to stop flights, they didnt. And the disease got here. That is their fault and it already happened. If they didnt impose these rules and things got out of hand, we know what people would say. This CoronaVirus mess is at the end of the day not about the government but you! Get a side hustle and stop depending on a 9 to 5 employment, learn a new skill,language, whatever will make a difference in the long run. Lemons for lemonade.