You have been financing North Korea Dictators all along: A documentary

According to this documentary, Kim Jong Un and his predecessors have been SECRETLY sending ‘workers’ and ‘specialists’ across the globe to work on projects or set up consultancy firms especially in matters health, manufacturing, construction, etc. They have a presence in Kenya’s either in cosmetics industry or nywele ya farasi (hair additions) industry, something like that.
Whatever is paid by the contractors or patients, which is mostly in Billions of Dollars is remitted directly to the dictator who allocates big share to the royal family and the balance is given to a cabinet to cater for the rest of the government expenditure.
Office 39 is a department that sources and manages such contracts in utmost secrecy. Only married men are the ones allowed to go abroad, and they leave their families behind.
I like watching DW (deustche velle) documantaries. They are usually very well researched.

Kenya does this as well…
But it’s injected into the economy as diaspora remittance…

North Korea is an enigma. Yes they have unimaginable human rights violations. However despite the sanctions have managed to get many things right from working transportation, housing, education, health systems and an army that the main super powers cannot ignore. Something not many countries in the world can match

North Korea is the best example of pambana na hali yako n mind your own business. Those dictators are really wise despite how the world media may portray them as.

seems they are running legit businesses then …even if 40% of the loot goes to feeding their starving population its worth it

Long live brethren kim Jong un. Death to imperialist.