You dont need a degree #Elon musk

Let him not lie to you. Degree holders are more successful than non degree holders in life.

Musk’s parents were rich and run a mine in SA. The other examples you hear akina Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jobs, Bezos were from well off families.

Yes, you do not need a degree, you need money.

Ati you need money… :D:D:D

Musk and many like him have brains beyond degree so they can forgo it.
Retards like you need something…education would be a start. To Musk and his kind, they are already self-educated.
Just because you can read his name and about him doesn’t make you comparative. :D:D:D

You can’t learn street smart hustling from university. Enda gikomba na kirinyaga road uone watu hawana degrees na ni birrionaires

There are your Gikomba birionaires.… Then there is Musk type of Billionaires. …big difference my fren… :D:D:D

The Musk type can finance Kenya Budget for 10 years.

Not if you’re a negro who doesn’t play professional sports or a rapper. You need at least one, if not 2-3 degrees for people to take you seriously.

sijaona video
bit technically, you don’t need a degree
unahitaji degree ya water engineering ndio ukuwe plumber?
do you need bachelor of commerce ndio ukaange kwa bank ukifinya finya Excel?
do you need kufanya actuarial science ndio uende kuuza insurance?

You don’t need a degree to be prosperous on this planet. Not in this century. Degrees were only relevant a few years back in time. A guy with a plumbing certificate and an aggressive mentality has better chances of making it in life than a BCOM graduate who just envisions getting employed and sitting behind a desk the whole day.

Where it gets to a point where it takes people taking you seriously for you to succeed, then you are deficient. You a dependent on them.

And where are these rich plumbers/electrons/carpenters that you fucks from the internet keep preaching?

Most of the Craftsmen I know are not even near the middle class. They barely earn. They don’t know how to manage their finance. They’ll earn 6k per week but clothes and show off. Maybe wearing counterfiet clothes and purchasing a motorbike doesn’t equal to success.

Most of the successful people have degrees, just because you see a 25 year old unemployed graduate in your village doesn’t mean degree is useless.

I’ll definitely choose a degree over craftsman course, ever.

Hapana chukua maneno ya parasitic owner of capital kama injili.

Advice from a dollar billionaire is irrelevant to a person who survives on a dollar a day.

Kama una earn less than 200k a month the only person who can give you practical advice is the one earning less than 600k a month.

Elon Musk does not need a degree. Wewe kosa kusoma ama kusomesha watoto wako. Watakuwa chokora.

Degrees aren’t the only path to success plus success differs from person to person.

He was first born into money.

In developed countries craftsmen actually make a decent pile of money and many even study to the university level. Plumbers, welders, mechanics, electricians etc. The guys that we import from China to work here because we lack specialists who have studied their craft to a high degree. Here in Kenya it’s a different story. Most craftsmen train in village polytechnics so they have certificates and diplomas at best. Also the bulk of the money they make isn’t from skilled labour but conning clients by inflating the prices of materials. This idea that there are rich craftsmen in Kenya is mostly false. Most don’t have the papers or skills to command such large salaries so very few ever make it out of poverty.

A degree gets you into the door. Once you’re in, akili yako/ a level of luck ndio ita determine how far you’ll get. Without that degree, you start out at a disadvantage.

Most of those tech billionaire dropouts only left school after their businesses had proven highly viable. Plus as someone said apo juu, most of them had the family financial backing in case it flops.

Elon Musk is a white man born into privilege. He can pass by for an American for those who don’t know. But try and survive in that Tesla city of San Fransisco as a black man without a education then you will know.

Elon Musk might not ask his employees to have a degree, but he requires them to have “[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Evidence of Exceptional Ability.”

Wakenya wangapi mnajua wako na exceptional ability?

Of all the US presidents, only Donald Trump has exceptional ability, one in a million.

Wacheni kudanganyika haraka

The craftsmen in the west go to trade school, technically not university. The idea of polytechnics is very good locally. It’s just that the economy doesn’t believe in properly enumerating crafts people. So their quality remains low. But a mechanic in Kenya polytechnic learns the same as that in London. In fact there was a time they introduced trades to high school in Kenya. Not sure if they are still there. One guy I know used that education to fix cars in the U.K.

Elon Musk was born in a privildged family. Why does he need a degree when his family has money. His family would act as a backup plan incase things went wrong. Wewe jidanganye ati huhitaji degree utakufa maskini boss. Ama ukuwe unafanyia watu job haziko.