You don't matter...Be humble

Many times we tend to think the world revolves around us because of Power and positions. If president Uhuru stepped down today in USA Virginia, Russia Germany South Africa or even South Sudan without security no one is will recognize him they will probably think he is just an old man moving around. The same case if Putin or Trump showed up in place like Congo Niger Sudan rural or even Argentina rural with no security no one will even recognize who they are. They might just think they are just old me in holiday. Just think about this, these are major world leaders in their place but in other sides of the world they are just ordinary beings just like in your work place you might think you are the guy but outside that no one gives a damn about you
So better use the time and space you have now to do good to every person you meet and know all in love because you don’t matter… Pride put aside.

Stupid logic… can’t waste my IQ on it


Ka ile time 50cent alitembea westi,watu walidhani ni makanga ya langata,but ingia kijiji upatane na birrioneas wanajulikana hadi ougadougou

How many calves have u borne? hope they’ll be better cows than u


How many calves have u borne? hope they’ll be better cows than u

There is a picture niliona Chris Rock akiwa Kibera, you couldn’t tell it was him. Lakini watu wa slum tourism lazima wanacurse hii covid sana. Celebs used to go for tours hapo Kibra.

Meffi desert rat. Enda ukakamue ngamia.

I agree. Wewe be good and kind to whoever you meet. That’s all that matters.

To witness the greatest slum in the world courtesy of Lord of poverty

What IQ?