You can't work for the Jubilee gov if you're not ready to steal

Only corrupt individuals survive working for the “current regime”, former Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo has said. Kimaiyo said he was sacked for standing firmly against corruption, and added that he lost his job as Kenya Airports Authority chairman for refusing to take bribes.

Mambo ya ufisadi katika serikali hii imeenda mbali sana. Mimi ni mmoja wa wale nilisimama kidete kupinga ufisadi katika kikosi cha polisi. Nilizungumuza hata na maafisa wa traffiki waache kuchukua hongo na wakatii,” he says in Kiswahili in a video shared on social media.

This translates to: “Corruption in this country is beyond reproach. I am among individuals who stood firmly against the vice in the police force. I talked to traffic police officers and they obeyed my appeal to stop asking for bribes.”

Kimaiyo said he joined KAA with the same principle but that internal forces that did not agree with him spearheaded his removal.

Like he had the final say on ALL the happenings

Sasa mwajionea na macho na vile matusi mwaileta hapa.
Kimya kimya Sisi tulikuja na tukawapita
Sasa nikuketi chini na kijivunia
Going to TZ nikama going to South Africa, once gone huwezi rudi back.
Tuna warembo/mziki/maendeleo/kupendana Kama jamii moja

Hot air, I guess it’s a high time I purchased a hot air balloon

jinga sana huyo jamaa

Akwende kabisa. Not that I’m defending jubilee, but I find it hard to believe someone can become head of an organization that is consistently ranked as the most corrupt in the country without partaking in the vice.

kimaiyo has lost it

Kimaiyo is saved by the blood of Jesus

[SIZE=6]These replies tell you that corruption is a norm in Kenya accepted by Kenyans[/SIZE]

In Kenya abnormal is normal n u can take that to the bank

It’s you who just want to normalize the vice!

Kimaiyo is a guy who was corruption free, hapa ni ukweli anasema.

Relax, this was today’s big headline in the star to draw sells. Kesho they will apologize in that small print huko page 8. Come on you should know better by now.

Forget the star, let’s hear it from the horses mouth

Ati I talked to traffic police to stop taking bribes and the stopped or words to that effect. JOTYA ipewe huyu msee…

not original and cant remember where i read it from (so stolen)

has it occurred to anyone that kimaiyo is the only person who has been sacked not once but twice by uhuru in a span of less than 5 years

tafakari hayo

Keep it silent, they don’t want to hear that fact. You don’t know if you complain about Jubilee it cleans your dirty image and you become safi kama pamba.

I believe Kimaiyo. I have some very good friends in the police and during his time he tried to stop the corruption pipeline that starts with the constable all the way to the top. That’s why they sabotaged him.

Corruption in Jubilee government, who would have thought? I am sure that Kimaiyo is lying.

It’s true but people have to defend muthamaki here.

@gashwin vipi boss? siku mob :smiley: