You cant be redpilled and MGTOW forever

Sooner or later you have to graduate

Business negotiations are a time honored tradition, not a new fad

You won’t live forever either…

I will take the red pill when i have Erectile Dysfunction, otherwise, i will worship pucci as long as the morning bonner keeps on surprising me.

Redpill and MTGOW should be exclusively observed by young persons under 30-35, before they marry later in life but not too late

Warudi wa join club ya Nduthi ama ? One must be a fagget to join MGTOW when he’s sexually active.

I wonder how fags finds fags attractive and the way ladies are soft and beautiful (not counting a swine like the one @poyoloko calls wife )

Marriage is a scam, be redpilled geuza bitches Hadi ninety Meno ikipotea

Still graduation does not mean marriage/serious relationship. vile @forestmonkey amesema hapo juu

You can be redpill and still married. A lot of redpill guys have gfs. The thing is, they will never ever put pussy over themselves no matter kama ni wife of 10 years

You can’t be red-pilled and married or in a committed relationship. That’s being a purple pill, a hope strategist, an undercover simp. And being MGTOW doesn’t mean you’re not interacting with or fucking women. It just means you don’t commit, cohabitate, or marry. You keep a rotation of PYTs and make it clear to them that you’re not looking for a relationship and will keep seeing other women. But the thing is, you can’t pull this off if your life isn’t on an upward trajectory and you have some value/resources. That’s why peasants who try the MGTOW route fail miserably and think MGTOW gentlemen don’t get women. The red pill/MGTOW lifestyle works best for successful men because the byproduct of success is women. Tafuteni pesa muone the things women are willing to do for you.

RP is what saves you from suicide its not a university you attend, its an awareness akin to stoicism.
Cannot be taught, can only be learned.
Without God’s grace, you may never be illuminated.


you look very misinformed about this MGTOW/REDPILL narrative young blood so let me educate you, the latter does NOT mean you never engage in any sexual activity, what it simply means is you never have any long term commitments with women. it is that simple.

I know that, but where do you draw the line ?

Upuss!!! Marriage and sex are independent phenomenal not mutually exclusive.

TLDR: Keep learning, and keep practicing & u will not need to draw the line.

At some point you realize you can get a 10/10 and take her to a kibanda and still get given the P.
At another point you realize you can drive a borrowed M3 or crown, impress her and get the P.
@other points, you realize its better you peacock with a white T, some TAG Heuer, and take only drinks by the glass, no brand name bottle, at a bottle service table & let them P holders idle by your side .
Other times, you sit besides a busy road, take you tea like a camper and you are still good.
RedPill is a form of awareness you gain about the sexual dynamics, (& many other things in life). Zero Fucks Given!
With RP, you will no longer be a non playing character (NPC) in office politics or be among the people going 50/50 (should always aim for 50+1) in business partnership.
RP gives you awareness of a man-eat-man society, and lets you help others by being selfish. If you choose to marry, or to be a baby daddy, then that is up 2 you.
However, if at any point you doubt the meaning of RP then you are still far from the ability to F her like you wanna kill her then 2-seconds later second later you switch back to your romantic self, one that sees her as a sister.
Once again, RP will save you from killing your self. It is a means to kill the beta before it kills you. These others mgtow, etc are self discovery journeys to help you wean off the romantic idea of sexual dynamics that you have.
The mating strategy is about war, conquering the other, and putting them under your fold.
I have tried RPing my friends but they never seem to get it.
They seek wives, others are divorcees seeking love, and others are very good PUA unable to keep a kill after the first snatch.
Hence, I say, you may be graced by the Lord your God, to see the RP or not.
Sisi kazi yetu to kujaribu tu.
Married men are hated by their wives more than rapists are & single men are left by their sweethearts for being nice. Girls are born with girl-software ready, while men are raised as boys by society.
RP saves you & by extension saves your marriage/relationship or singlehood.
Too bad, a feminine society like ours, raises boys as damaged girls.
The RP is not an explicit phase, it transitions as you apply it in your life in different areas.
Sometimes you will be the Corey Worthington of your life.


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