You are fighting here

Which is more productive; discussing sci-fi and suppositions (globes and ‘space’ and imaginary life ‘out there’) as opposed to discussing real stuff i.e the nature of the world you live in? Flat earth inakuuma aje hivyo na ni fact? Just look around you man. You shouldn’t be able to see Kilimanjaro from Mulolongo in a globe earth. Do the math.

Anyway, i understand you. I was once in your shoes, bought by the globe world religion but at one point I took the challenge to disprove flat earth. You know the rest of the story… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Be predacon
-discussing sci fi is unproductive
-proclaim flat earth is not fiction
-doesn’t tell us why we didn’t see rpcket launches from Kenya as they took off in foreign lands

refuses to say why the moon isn’t always flat from it’s blockage of light, and not visible every night of the year

Btw, what is under this flat earth of ours?

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No way. People that believe in the bible usually tend to think we are the only ones and the earth is 4000 years old. Yet, we have found fossils of dinosaurs and other humanoid species that we evolved from.

True, if the earth was flat then from the top of Mt. Everest one would be able to see the Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Fun fact, most stars we view at night are what they looked like 5 years ago to 2 million years ago.

Chorea jo

Bro, you forget one little law of nature called perspective. I.e, the further the object is, the smaller it becomes and as it recedes further, it reaches vanishing point where it disappears from your sight. And that is also the furthest limit of your unaided eye. That is why the sun vanishes in to the horizon and why you’ll never see the top of mount Everest from Burj Khalifa.

To prove the law; a ship disappears ‘over’ the horizon (for globbers, over the curve). But when you take a telescope/zoom with a camera, suddenly the ship is visible whole again! How now? Have you ever zoomed in a car that has gone around a corner (curve) and seen it whole again?

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Yaani there is no other planet capable of surporting life, even primitive forms of life like Pokots?

Pokots are closer to animals than to human beings. Actually they are wild animals

@hakimoto , you have stirred up a beehive. These heated exchanges were created because people lack the humility to accept that what they really know about their origin is nothing. Sisemi msisome–quite the contrary, learn everything you can ever learn in this life, you’ll need it to survive–but you’ll be forced to conclude this after all the learning:
All of man’s education is nothing, without God.
Revisit this statement after 100 years, if you live long enough.
But don’t be perturbed, it’ll still be true, if you don’t.

Hekaya ya abunuwas

cgi tupu . we are all under a firment. nothing escapes and above the firment is only water

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We can’t be alone otherwise what’s the purpose of all the billions of stars? Just as we harness energy from our star, other beings must be harnessing energy from other distant stars. Maybe God has reserved the Milky Way stars to one day be fully used by humans (perish the thought, the world is not ending soon). Other distant galaxies are reserved for use by other beings and we will never interact due to the vast and unimaginable distances between us.