You are fighting here

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Billions of miles away and signal reaches without any losses. Nyamira kwa kina @Eng_iti hawana 3g network hata ya kupiga simu


Is it possible we are the only civilization in the entire galaxy?


No freaking way.

We have other forms of life.


We might have other forms of life not carbon based like earth.

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Maybe there are advanced intelligent species like robots out there

No. Its just like the way our forefathers thought we were the only humans in the world until when mzungu arrived in this region and everyone then understood that the world is large and that we africans are not the only humans on earth.

Round earth with curved water spinning in vaccuum space :green_emoji:

So how does vaccuum space know where the atmosphere boundary is and not suck away all the air? :thinking:

Unvaxxed flat earther unasumbua.


Yeah. No facts. Just trolling now. Jibambe. :sunglasses:

Wewe ndio troll, we were talking about life in other planet, unakuja na flat earth shit,

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