You are an idiot (confirmed)

If you believe in the official covid-19 narrative, and you don’t see anything fishy in it, you are an idiot. If you can’t see that the events are carefully choreographed to get people to accept the vaccine, you are an idiot.
[On another note, if you believe in the official HIV/AIDS narrative, and you don’t see that these are ‘special’ agenda-ized diseases, then you are a hopeless idiot].
Thankfully, it is not your fault: being an idiot is not something you choose – it is just the way you are.
One of the manifestations of idiocy is either buying wholesale into conspiracy theories [and taking them for the whole truth], or dismissing conspiracy theories casually without considering if there could be some truth in them.




If you’re about to type umeffi, then unlike other idiots, you are actually admitting to being an idiot intentionally because thia guy spoke the truth as it is.


Covid-19 is real, though it was indeed a biological weapon. Vaccine pia iko sawa, I believe. It’s still too early to tell.

Post covid-19 ndio itakuwa swara.


Hadi sasa hujakubali uko na Ukedi?:smiley:

Mumunya ARV bila kusumbua.