Yilong Ma (Elon Musk)

At first he was over the moon.




Alisema hawezi guswo


Then advertisers wakasema alright, let’s see who has bigger balls.


He felt the pinch


Hadi sasa imebidi atulie apangwe. Twitter haitakula free speech. He must recoup his investment by getting advertisers to throw in the millions of dollars monthly and one way of that being done, is dancing to the tune of advertisers


Hata huku admean aseme ni 100 Bob monthly

Lol…Admean Alipishe 150…atajua hajui

Kazi bado inaendelea. Naysayers na kamati ya roho chafu can flap gums any way they like.






Another conservative tycoon should buy off Meta. That’s the only way to ensure that there’s total freedom of speech