Yet another school

Kaimosi Boys High School dormitory razed down by fire this morning.The cause of fire still unknown.
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noma sana ama ni hii baridi

Ni Matiangi na hard stance yake

Kaimenyi na Mutula ndio walikua wanajua kudeal na hawa watu kwa njia mzuri. Positively.

Hakuna! Corporal punishment [mpaka ile ya kupigwa mangumi na masweep na discipline master ama depa] irudishwe - na sio tafadhali.

Chapa watoto VIBOKO!

The world is changing. Hata Uhuru cannot order vitu zifanywe style ya moi. Hawa ni watoto wamegrow up na free primary education meaning after the country got reforms from the Nyayo era. Growing up they don’t see citizens oppressed. The have access to TV and the Internet they see how the world is in other areas. You think they can accept capital punishment or tolerate it? It’s we adults and those in authority who are slow to adapt to changes

I support mentorship as hard as it is,lakini kama the same fails then the Confirmed arsonists should get a 9 year ban on any school.If they try to register on a National exam,there names pops as REJECTED.

Mitoto mijinga ikikunja ngumi inyoroshwe kama babake.

A normal day in Kenya.

  1. A school burns
  2. A Protest in the streets over this or that
  3. A Police station is attacked
  4. Al-shabaab attacks a village in Mandera
    Etc Etc.

Dereva… dereva eh… chunga maisha !

A Noah/Voxy kills a few people

etc etc

Investigations are under way,we shall not leave any stone uncovered. Those found to have committed the offence shall face the full wrath of the law.

Itt was burnt to recognition

There is more beyond the students. Hizi burning si students wanafanya.