yet another bird crashes

TWO people escape unhurt after a light aircraft crashes inside the Nairobi National Park.
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a proper inquiry should be carried out, I suspect the jet A1 could be an issue here, too many incidents yet everything is being taken casually.

Looks like more of a crash landing but what the hell is going on?

shida za equinox

We are fast turning into another Bermuda triangle.

looks like they decided to park the plane and take a walk in the park. but this is just too much, they should investigate the root cause

This looks like a relatively safe emergency landing. Lucky occupants!!

Niliwaambia Bermuda triangle imekua mobile mkakataa kuskia

Hii story tugeuzie CORD

tuseme hivi

ndege hazianguki bure. Someone is testing the waters.

Again no politician was aboard…, nkt!


Babuon cheerleaders will say it’s eurobondi fault.

Wale wanajua maneno ya safety record… hii kitu haituharibii jina?

Flying is for real birds and efficient machines.
Ata gari hupelekwa service!

I think this kind of aircraft uses AVGAS not Jet A1 but I may be wrong

I don’t know if this was posted here earlier but there was also this bit of information in the thitar

[I]The latest crash of a police helicopter was caused by an unqualified pilot who failed to respond appropriately when a marabou stork flew dangerously close, investigators say.

He pushed the wrong lever, members of the investigating team told the Star. As a result, the aircraft lost power, stalled and created a vortex that pulled the Sh683 million chopper down…

Tuseme Raila aliflash huyo pilot the day before…
ingekua alimcall, right now we could be talking about death.

683M kwani hizi vitu huwa expensive aje???

ai? this thing is 68 million dollars? how bwana