Yet Another Alchemist Thread

Show us the complaints made by men about women being allowed into a club for free. Or better yet, start your own online petition and if it gains traction, I will see your point and offer my apologies to the victims.

The difference between me and you is that you are a hypocrite and I’m not. I openly admit that I benefit from discrimination and once in a while I will find myself on the receiving end and I understand the business angle. You, on the other hand, act holier than thou, pretending like you don’t benefit from any form of discrimination, and then cry your eyes out if you get on the receiving end.

When I am at the club, with two campus bitchez on each side of my arm, as tens of broke campus dudes are outside begging the bouncer to get in, I understand that I am benefiting from discrimination. You will be seated in the same club with the same campus bitchez and not give a single fk about the thirsty dusty young guys outside. Lakini when its our turn to experience discrimination at Alchemist, you will bitch about it on social media and I will roll with the punches.

@Azor Ahai if the women choose to pay the entry fee, the club will still take their money na wataingia… ama club itatakaa?
(the women themselves choose to pay the fee)

Have you seen me crying anywhere? I’m pragmatic and rational in my approach to issues. The response that I gave to your retarded views yesterday was that businesses that blindly chase after short term profits with little regard for other considerations tend to be short-lived. Your idea to openly discriminate against Kenyans in Kenya for short term presumed higher profits was a retarded idea that showed you have absolutely no idea what you yap about.

They would never choose to pay if they don’t have to. That is just a fantasy. Money is a finite resource and everyone values it including women.

Hii maneno inakuuma like you own the place. There are countries where such a place would have been razed down by now if they tried such shit there.

Hainiumi. I like picking people’s brains and the best place to do it is online, where they are not afraid to be themselves.







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There is no business angle in racial segregation.
You are just a step away from justifying the superiority of the aryan gene.

There is a business angle to racial segregation in businesses where expenditure is not fixed. You can bitch, cry, and complain, but facts are stubborn. If you have an establishment with e.g 150 seats, you will make more money on average by having 150 non-black customers than having black customers. Reality doesn’t care about your fragile ego and sensitivities. If an entrepreneur is forced to make a choice, he will always choose the profit-maximizing option. If that Alchemist owner did not have to make a choice (e.g by having enough space for everyone), he would not see any need for segregation.

Racial segregation is by far the most reliable sieve of generating a high value clientele. Not everyone who segregates you hates you. They segregate because you are fumbling with their bag.

In an ideal world, we would all like to have the restaurant or club filled by a highly diverse clientele. But that’s not reality. The profit maximizing option involves racial segregation of some sort otherwise you will end up with 150 customers, ten spenders and 140 time wasters.

To prove it, you will never see such issues of segregation on a Tuesday night at the same club because there is enough space for everyone and the owner is not forced to make a choice.

However, I recognize that there is racial segregation that is not financially motivated but that’s not the type of racism being discussed today.

Joint yoyote beer ikipita 200 that’s conmanship… Uganda beer ni 100 bob

How come the conventional black beer drinkers don’t care when muguka guys are discriminated against…? I see many clubs clearly with the instructions; MUGUKA CHEWING IS NOW ALLOWED HERE

They deserve every bit of what they got, for being in a market in which they are not the target segment.

Nobody is nickel and diming to avoid hurting your fragile egos :D:D

If foreigners spend five times of what you bonobos spend, and its a Friday or Saturday (limited space), you already know what time it is.

Endeni Alchemist on Mondays and Tuesdays wakati you don’t compete for the available seats against foreigners with deep pockets.

Its not personal, its business.

Give examples where this is practised and as a result make more money than non-segregation businesses of the same type

Are you giving me homework?? Mushienz

Hehehe where I live mi ni Chair wa court.Right outside the far right fence there is a road lined up with wines and spirits and the road terminates to AP camp yenye iko next to Mbagathi way.Now the noise that comes out of these wine and spirits shops on Fridays and Saturdays is legendary.During the court meeting it was decided that the Chair (me) drafts a petition to be signed by all the residents and sent to OCS wa Nyayo stadium,Nacada na Nema na Liquour Licensing.The tricky bit is that I drink there.Kuna siku draft ya hio letter ili leak from the court whatsapp group ikafikia ocs na owners za izo ma wines.One day Nimepitia kuchapa drink ya mwisho ndio niingie home napata tu cold treatment.Then wanaongea zile za ‘wengine wetu wamevaa ngozi ya kondoo kumbe ni mbwa mwitu’.Took me a while to figure out am the ngozi ya kondoo guy.Ocs kwanza asked me why nimerukia nacada without exploring all avenuesincluding discussing the noise situation with her.I assured and pleaded with everyone maze am not a snitch.How am I snitch and I drink there almost daily.After telling them about the noise and how the court has a mix of people from all walks including Muslims, Catholics ,Sdas and school going kids as well as walalo muslims sikuizi mambo ni fiti.Hakuna noise.Ngoma ni polite kwa kila wines,quality ni ya onyx studio six,hata vaite wakuuza jaba naona wamekam but naskia wanauza madre.Walalo wamefungua hadi ma wholesale shops though bei zao nikama tu za shop ya kawaida.Sikuizi kwa hio Street ikifika 7pm its a melting pot of businesses and cultures. No unbearable noise,no complaints.Lesson is that kwa biz understanding the environment is important.Everyone can live in perfect harmony with each other.

Kwa hivyo uko either Akila ama Funguo. Najaribu kufikiria hizi wines and spirits sizioni kwa mind. But yeah, nakubaliana na yale yote umesema.

Ni Street polite kama ile ya kuelekea Halfort Apartments hurlingham on your immediate left hand side just before Shell Petrol station ukipita stage ya DOD kidogo…

Na vile hio area ya AP imejaa soft meat; Riara, Strath, Qwetu, those tu cabincrew colleges at Wilson.

kama alchemist wange weka line ya white lanyes separate haku ta kua na scandal hapa